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Transferring from HACC

HACC Transfer Services

Welcome to the HACC Transfer Services website. The following consists of important information that will help you understand the transfer process and make good choices.

HACC's professional transfer services staff understands that transferring to one of our four-year transfer partners is the primary goal of many of our students. Hence, we are here to help you make sure that you complete this goal and to encourage you to complete your associate's degree at HACC in the process. 

According to four-year colleges and universities, students who complete their associate's degree at HACC are more successful than students who begin with them as freshmen. Moreover, depending on the four-year institution, you can easily save thousands of dollars by completing your first two years at HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College.

Why should you complete your HACC Degree?

Our transfer office is here to assist you with your questions about our four-year partners, informative transfer events, and other online resources. We highly encouraged new students to contact transfer services during their first semester at HACC to ensure an easy transition to a four-year college or university.

Transfer Agreements
HACC works with many institutions to ensure successful student transfers. We have a variety of agreements with several colleges. Learn more about our specific agreements here.

How can I find more information on transferring from HACC?

Search for Transfer information and Checksheets by College:

Your HACC courses must meet your transfer institution's requirements. To plan a successful transfer, you should:

  • Select your specific transfer college as soon as possible.
  • Choose a transfer curriculum.
  • Work with your advisor to select required transfer courses.
  • Review HACC's transfer information. This includes transfer checksheets, comprehensive transfer notebooks, course equivalencies, transfer agreements, college directories and catalogs.

You can transfer at any time; however, consider completing your degree at HACC first. Transferring with an associate degree provides advance standing at a 4-year institution and also makes it more likely that you will be successful in your quest for a baccalaureate degree. Remember that before transferring, you must apply to and be accepted at the 4-year destination.

Your transfer institution may not accept the transfer credits that HACC did. HACC's transfer credit decisions do not reflect the decision of any other institution.

You will need to send official transcripts when you apply for transfer. These transcripts must include all coursework from schools you previously attended.

A dual-admission agreement is a cooperative partnership between HACC and a four-year college or university. It is for students interested in pursuing a bachelor degree. This agreement will:

  • Facilitate your admission process
  • Transfer your associate degree credits into a bachelor degree program
  • Help ensure you do not lose any time or money

There are 18 colleges and universities you can choose from for a dual-admission agreement. Download Dual Admission Information (pdf) for more information on dual admissions.


Articulation agreements determine how credit is transferred into HACC or another institution.

Yes, HACC forms local, preferred partner transfer agreements with many Central Pennsylvania colleges and universities, but students have the option to transfer to other institutions as well. Students should contact the institution to which they plan to transfer for more information about how HACC credits can be transferred.

Yes. Here are some top resources for you to use to assist with your transfer research.