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Emergency Assistance Funds

What are emergency assistance funds?
Students can apply for emergency assistance funds if they are facing extraordinary financial circumstances. Learn more about these funds.

What can I use the funds for?
You can use the funds for the following educational expenses:

  • Books
  • Course fees
  • Course-required items not available in HACC's bookstores
  • Physicals
  • Emergency auto repair expenses
  • Bus passes
  • Childcare
  • Personal home catastrophe (e.g. fire or flood that directly affects your ability to attend classes)

Emergency assistance funds do not cover all expenses. 

Can the funds be used for HACC tuition?
No, you cannot use emergency assistance funds for tuition or a prior outstanding bill owed to the College.

Am I eligible for emergency assistance funds?
You are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • Credit students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • Credit students who are at least four weeks into their first term with HACC
  • Students who are enrolled in the term in which they are applying

You are not eligible if you:

  • Are a guest student
  • Are Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) suspended
  • Have received emergency assistance before

How do I apply for emergency assistance funds?
To receive funding, please:

  • Review the emergency assistance funds below
  • Determine which fund is applicable to your situation
  • Complete and submit the online form. Documentation of need and a copy of your unofficial transcripts (for credit students) are required.

What documentation will I need to provide?
Please provide:

  • Current unofficial transcripts
  • Current invoices or receipts for the emergency expense. The invoices and receipts must list the vendor name and total costs.

Who can I contact for more information?
Please contact

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Students must have needs related to, but not limited to, childcare, transportation, costs, textbooks and course fees.

Students must be enrolled at the Gettysburg Campus

Students must be enrolled at the Harrisburg Campus

Students must be enrolled at the Lancaster Campus

Students must be enrolled at the Lebanon Campus

Students must be enrolled in the Massage Therapy Program

Students must be enrolled in the Associates for Fine arts (AFA) Degree Program focusing on Photography or the Certificate in Photography Program

Students must be enrolled in Virtual Learning

Students must be enrolled at the York Campus