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Your Gift at Work Donor Survey

Your Gift at Work Survey

We are so grateful for YOUR feedback. To make sure we continue to serve you well, please complete this survey. If you have any questions, please contact foundation@hacc.edu. Thank you.

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1. Please update your contact information.
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2. What is your preferred method of communication? Please choose one.

3. How frequently would you like to receive communications and updates from HACC? Please choose one.

4. How recently have you engaged in the following HACC activities?
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5. How important are the following HACC initiatives?
  Alumni success stories:
  Building renovations and campus updates:
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  Innovation in and outside of the classroom:
  Student emergency assistance funds:
  Student success stories:

6. What inspired you to contribute to HACC? Please choose one.


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7. How much do you agree with the following statements:
  HACC cares about me as a donor.  
  HACC effectively communicates its need for donations.
  I am likely to donate to HACC on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly or annually).
  I feel compelled to continue giving to HACC.
  I feel thanked for my generosity to HACC.
  I feel that my gift made an impact.
  I would recommend family and friends to donate to HACC.

8. Do you have a story you'd like to tell? Please visit www.hacc.edu/stories to share your story with the HACC community!