HACC Students

Transcript Evaluation

Students admitted to HACC who are seeking a diploma, a certificate or a degree may have transcripts evaluated from other schools for the purpose of awarding transfer credit. Only official transcripts will be reviewed. An official transcript is one that is officially authorized by the Records official at the other institution and either sent directly to HACC's Office of Admission or Records or given to the student in an officially sealed envelope and delivered unopened to HACC staff.

Courses taken at regionally accredited schools are generally transferable if they are equivalent in content to HACC courses. Students who have attended institutions that are not regionally accredited, but PDE approved, must successfully complete 12 credit hours at HACC before their official transcripts can be evaluated for transfer credit. Transfer of credit from non-accredited institutions is awarded on a limited basis.

Generally credit is awarded only for coursework in which the student has received credit with a letter grade of A, B, or C, except for Physical Education credit, which will transfer if a grade of P or S was received, where P or S grades are considered the equivalent of a C or above.

Transcripts from foreign institutions, even if they are translated into English, must be reviewed by a HACC-approved credential evaluation service before HACC staff can review them. Many HACC students use World Education Services (WES). WES applications are available in the Records Office.

Military personnel are eligible to have their military experience and training reviewed for transfer credit. A DD-214 or DD-295 form can be reviewed, but for a more comprehensive evaluation, an AARTS, SMART or CCAF transcript is preferable.

HACC allows students to earn credit for achieving specific scores on various standardized exams (CLEP tests, Advanced Placement tests and Excelsior exams). Students interested in taking these exams for credit should contact the Records Office at  717-736-4152 or send an Email to the Records Office to find out which tests and scores are acceptable for transfer credit.

HACC Credit by Examination is a way for students to earn credit for previous training or experience. Similar to a comprehensive final exam, credit by exam is available for many of the courses offered at the college. Students interested in this option should contact the Dean of the Division where the course is offered. A fee is required.

A maximum of 45 credits may be transferred. No more than 30 credits by examination may be applied toward the 45 credits transferred.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the transfer of credit, please contact the Records Office at 717-736-4152 or send an Email to us.