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Global Education

Global Education

Global education serves all HACC campuses. Learn about global education at HACC.

What does Global Education do?

The Global Education Office provides:

  • Study abroad programs (faculty-led, semesters abroad and global service-learning)
  • International education institutional partnerships
  • International recruiting and admissions
  • International students and scholar services
  • Intercultural and diversity curricular initiatives

  How can I contact the Global Education Office?

The Global Education Office is located on the Harrisburg Campus, Cooper 101A.

You can reach the office by calling 717-780-1100 or faxing 717-780-2436.

  Who is on the Global Education's staff?

The Center for Global Education's Spring 2014 staff and student staff are:

The Spring 2015 student staff are:

  • Starson Audate, Office Assistant
  • Anna Behle, Office Assistant
  • Dashane Knowles, Office Assistant

  How can I find out more?

Visit http://www.facebook.com/HACCGlobal.