HACC Students

Lebanon Campus Test Center

Visit the Lebanon Campus Test Center or contact us for more information. We are located on the second floor, Room 220. Placement tests and academic make-up tests are both conducted through our office. Other tests (see below) may be arranged by appointment. Fees may be involved for those tests.

If you have received an acceptance letter, call 717-270-4222 for an appointment for placement testing. Please know that at Lebanon Campus you must complete placements before attending New Student Registration/Orientation.

Special testing arrangements that require accommodations should be made in advance by calling 717-270-6333 or 717-270-6334.

Hours during Summer Semesters
May 20th through August 8th
9 AM to noon, Monday through Thursday
1-3 PM Monday and Thursday
1-8 PM Tuesday and Wednesday


Contact 717-270-6334 for information about outside university, CLEP, or TEAS testing. Note that we reserve the right not to test if we cannot meet scheduling and/or technology requirements. Fees are charged for these tests.

If you are interested in finding out more about virtual exams for an online course, refer to online student testing on the main HACC webpage. For expedient service and scheduling an appointment for a virtual exam on a computer, see RegiBlast or phone us directly at 717-270-6334.