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Welcome to the Lebanon SGA

SGA Lebanon

SGA Lebanon Campus

Learn about the SGA at Lebanon Campus.


When and where are meetings?

Mondays at 3:30 p.m. in room 214.

Check campus boards for any changes.


What does the SGA do?

Your Student Activity Fee goes directly to the SGA. The SGA:

  • Develops programming
  • Supports initiatives throughout the college
  • Funds various clubs
  • Advocates on behalf of the student body

The SGA has:

  • Renamed the Student Lounge to the Hawk's Peak
  • Purchased the TVs and video game systems in Hawk's Peak
  • Purchased three water fountains to fill reusable water bottles with filtered water
  • Coordinated many campus events to benefit the students of HACC Lebanon


How can I get involved?

The SGA currently has vacant senator and officer positions. If you are interested, contact the SGA at 717-270-6321 or blskaf@hacc.edu. All students are welcome to attend SGA meetings and participate in events.


Contact Information

Student Government Association

HACC Lebanon Campus

735 Cumberland Street

Lebanon, PA 17042