HACC Students

HACC Student Ambassador Program Application

Learn how to apply to the HACC Student Ambassador Program.


How do I complete the application?

You must complete and submit the application form below along with a completed Recommendation Form. The recommendation form must be completed by a HACC faculty or staff member.



Personal Information
Last Name First Name   MI   
HACC ID  Campus   
Email Address   (Communication is primarily by email. Please check regularly.)
Local Address
City State Zip Code
Primary Phone
Academic Information
How many semesters have you completed at HACC?
Current GPA:
Expected graduation date:  mm/dd/yy


Below are some of the activities in which Student Ambassadors commonly participate in. Please check at least 5 activities that you are most interested in becoming involved in?
Assisting and mentoring students
Accompanying recruiters on high school visits
Leading campus tours
Assisting with new student orientation
Participating in student panel discussions
Working a college information table at college events
Participating in public relations efforts and allowing interviews, photographs, and videos
Participating in and attending philanthropic events


Your answers to the following questions will assist in learning more about your interests and what makes you a suitable candidate for the Student Ambassador Program.

1. Why did you choose HACC as the institution to obtain a college education?
2. What are your reasons for applying to the HACC Student Ambassador Program? Please explain in a few sentences below.
3. What qualities do you possess that would make you a successful Student Ambassador?
4. What campus (academic, extracurricular, etc.) or community activities are you involved with that might be useful in helping you fulfill the goals of this program?