HACC Students

HACC's Lancaster Campus Fitness Center


  • Exercise classes
  • Over ten cardiovascular machines including:  Arc trainers, Life Fitness treadmills, Precor Recumbent bikes, Interactive treadmills, and Interactive ellipticals
  • Life Fitness Adjustable Pulley Machine (with pull-up/chin-in rack and other various attachments)
  • Free weight dumbbells with various benches including: iIncline bench, abdominal crunch bench and decline bench
  • Stretching area with:  med balls, foam rollers, resistance bands
  • Life Fitness Workout Station including:  tricep push down, lat pull down, adjustable pulley and low row
  • Full Body Life Fitness Strength Training machines including:  leg extension, seated leg curl, seated leg press, abdominal crunch, chest press and shoulder press.

Am I eligible to use the HACC Lancaster Campus fitness room?

  • Student(s) registered in the current semester with valid ID
  • Summer access registered for either summer and/or fall with valid ID
  • Faculty/Staff can use the center with valid ID
  • Alumnus must have a current alumni card

Can I bring a guest?

  • All guests must have photo ID
  • Stay in area as their sponsor
  • Be at least 18 years old

What is a valid HACC ID?

  • A valid HACC ID has a current semester sticker
  • When you enter the fitness center give your HACC ID to the front desk attendant.  Pick up your HACC ID when you leave
  • You must use your current HACC ID to use sporting equipment

How can I get a valid HACC ID?

  • If you are a student or faculty/staff, visit the Welcome Center in the Main Building
  • If you are an alumnus, contact the Alumni Office

Is there a dress code?

  • A shirt and shoes must be worn at all times

What are the rules for the Fitness Room?

  • Wipe down equipment after usage
  • Keep your personal belongs in personal storage space provided
  • Respect others and equipment at all times

Fitness Room Hours:

  • Not open at this time

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call (717) 358-2946.