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Fourth Course Repeat Request

A student may take a course three times for credit. If a student wishes to repeat a course beyond three times, he must get approval from the corresponding department chair using the online form below. Certain programs and academic disciplines may have time and frequency limitations on course repeats.

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Student name:
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Subject  for 4th repeat approval:  
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*Please choose the department of the course for which you are requesting the repeat.

For example, if your major is Nursing and you are requesting a repeat for ENGL 101, choose English as the department. Or, if your major is Business Admininstration and you are requesting a repeat for MATH 103, choose Math as the department.

The department chair of the course will review your request and respond. Please see the list of courses and departments here. Find the list of departments and disciplines here. (pdf)

Semester in which you would like to repeat the course:

Respond to below questions with complete and thoughtful answers.
When students have multiple experiences with a course, there are concerns as to why the student is not successful. Repeating courses can cost a student valuable time and money. As you submit a request to take a course for the fourth time, your thorough and thoughtful answers to the below questions are critical in helping to make the decision.

Why do you want to take this course? How does it fit into your educational and career goals?
- Explain if the course is a requirement for your major.
- If it is not a requirement, indicate why you need to take this course again.

Have you met with your advisor to discuss taking this course again and outlining an educational plan for this semester? Provide a detailed, brief summary of the meeting and include the date of the meeting.

Please identify the issues or circumstances that prevented  you from being successful in previous attempts at this course. Be sure to address each attempt. Remember, if you cannot identify what went wrong in previous attempts, you will not know what to change this time around. 

If granted permission to register for this course, how will you achieve a successful outcome? Explain what you will do differently this time around. Please give specific and measurable strategies you will implement. Examples are provided below:
- I will reduce my hours at work to 10 hours per week.
- I will include 6-9 hours of study time in my schedule.
- I will visit the tutoring center 2 times a week.
- I will meet with my faculty during office hour every other week.