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Counseling Wellness Events

Spring 2019 College-wide Counseling Events

Check back soon.

Spring 2019 Harrisburg campus Wellness Counseling Workshop Series

Check back soon.

Please note exact dates to be determined. 

  • 6-week mental health awareness series featuring a different topic each week (PTSD, Bipolar disorder, Depression Generalized Anxiety, Greif and bereavement, Schizophrenia
  • Comparative Religion panel 4/17
  • Safe zone training
  • At least 2 Managing Stress workshops
  • #Metoo presentation

Please note exact dates to be determined.

Light Therapy
Do you tend to get the winter blues or have depression that seems worse during the winter months? Join campus counselors in the library for conversations about adjunctive light therapy, as well as health positive behaviors to make the best of the winter months – sleep hygiene, cold weather exercise, and mindful eating.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Being smart intellectually may not be enough to help you meet your educational and career goals. Equally important to book smarts is being able to understand, handle, and interpret emotions. Join us to engage in a conversation to better understand emotional intelligence, take a survey to assess your strengths and growth potential, and develop goals toward developing your EQ.

Cure the Stigma
Join faculty and staff in taking a stand against stigma related to mental illness. Help be a change agent and show support for early detection of mental health concerns and normalizing help-seeking behaviors. Green ribbons and “cure the stigma” stickers will be given out around campus.

Exploring Your Happiness Potential
Students are invited to explore happiness through a guided reading group. The group will use Sonja Lyubomirsky’s book, The How of Happiness: A new Approach to Getting the Life you Want, as a platform for discussion. Complimentary copies will be available for lending. This group will focus on reaching one’s own threshold for happiness through personal assessment and exploration of what scientific research says about the topic.