Summer Return

Last updated: July 29, 2020

HACC is proud to provide hands-on training starting this summer!

Upon review of federal and state guidelines and the collegewide COVID-19 Task Force recommendations, HACC has developed a four-phased approach (pdf) to reopening our campuses. We are currently in Phase 3.

As a result, we are pleased to announce that current students in the following programs are approved to resume on-site instruction to make up requirements for the hands-on components of their spring courses.


Approved Programs


June 29-Aug. 5

Medical Assisting


June 29-July 24



June 29-July 2



June 29-July 3

Automotive, HACC Academy


July 6-15



July 6-23 Mechatronics Gettysburg

July 7-28

Jewelry and Metal Design


July 8-Aug. 19

Diagnostic Medical Sonography


July 13-Aug. 7  Welding  Harrisburg 
July 13-Aug. 8  Culinary   Harrisburg 
July 13-Aug. 13   Automotive   Harrisburg

July 13-Aug. 13

Medical Assisting


July 13-29

Dental Hygiene


July 13-Aug. 19

Cardiovascular Technology - Cardiac Sonography and Invasive Cardiovascular Tech


July 14-23 Electrical Technology Harrisburg

July 14-To be determined

Radiologic Technology


Current students in the approved programs will receive detailed instructions specific to their course via email from their instructor or program director.

We understand that students may be unsure about returning to campus at this time. However, safety is our top priority!

If your course is scheduled to hold hands-on components on campus this summer to make up for spring 2020 requirements, and you are uncomfortable doing so due to medical conditions (or family members with medical conditions), please contact your instructor to make arrangements to make up the work as soon as possible in the fall semester.

Please note that HACC’s campuses are still closed to the public, and only essential employees and those involved in the approved programs are permitted to return at this time.

For other programs and summer courses, HACC is offering classes online through remote instruction and virtual learning. Student services are also provided online.

Thank you!


If you are approved to come on campus, you must complete HACC’s online Wellness Screening form prior to each campus visit.


  • Fill out HACC’s online form within 24 hours of coming to a HACC campus.
  • Note: This form must be submitted every time you come on campus.
  • Note: You will receive a confirmation email.
  • Show the confirmation email (printed or digital) to the wellness screener upon arrival to campus each day

Please bring your mask with you to campus. Cloth masks should be washed after training each day.

If you are sick or have had a fever over 100.4 degrees within 48 hours prior to coming to campus, please contact your instructor and DO NOT come to campus.

  • Disinfecting procedures will be used, as per governor’s orders (pdf) and CDC recommendations to do our part in maintaining student, employee and building safety (where occupied). Deep clean and disinfecting protocols are used in the classrooms, offices and common areas used by on-campus programming and departments.
  • Social distancing is also required, maintaining at least six feet of distance between individuals. 
  • Screening protocols will be administered by HACC staff in the approved programs at the start of each day. If anyone shows symptoms flu or COVID-19 (fever, cough, rash, etc.), they will be asked to leave the campus.
  • Campus maps for entrances into and exits from parking lots have been developed and shared with students and employees for the buildings that are occupied.
  • Sections of buildings are open only to students and employees involved in the programs approved to have hands-on components completed on campus. Limited essential staff are also permitted. No visitors or public will be admitted.
  • All occupied classrooms and training areas have been redesigned to maintain the six-foot physical distance requirements.
  • Appropriate signage has been installed in building entryways, hallways, bathrooms and at PPE stations. Campus building systems are monitored for proper airflow.
  • Filters have been upgraded and changed to adhere to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) COVID-19 Resource Recommendations.
  • Masks are required for anyone on campus and must cover the mouth and nose.
  • Gloves are required for task-specific protocols (Examples: cleaning, involvement in hand-on components of specific programs, etc.).
  • CDC guidelines (pdf) should be followed regarding proper glove removal and disposal.

If anyone has symptoms of the flu or COVID-19 (fever, cough, rash, etc.) or shows signs of symptoms during the screening process, they are to:

  • Refrain from coming to campus or return home if already on campus
  • Contact their supervisor or instructor to make alternate arrangements
  • Check with their primary health care provider
  • Notify the College by emailing  
  • Self-isolate to meet PA Department of Health and CDC Requirements

If you have traveled to one of these states, you must quarantine for 14 consecutive days upon return and prior to accessing a HACC campus. This is subject to change at the direction of the Cabinet or by state mandate. Please be sure to notify your instructor of your need to quarantine due to your recent travel. Your instructor will work with you to develop a plan for completion of missed coursework.

Here is HACC’s four-phased approach (pdf) to reopening our campuses. This is tentative and subject to change.