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Radiology Informatics

Radiology Informatics (PACS Administrator) 

Learn more about our Radiology Informatics Associate in Science Degree program which will prepare you to take all five levels of certification exam through the PACS Administrators Registry and Certification Association (PARCA). The program can be completed in only 6 semesters. RADI courses are offered at the Lancaster campus. General education courses can be taken at any campus or online.

What do PACS Administrators do?

  • They manage the transfer, storage and retrieval of healthcare images and information in the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and the Radiology Information system (RIS).
  • They function in both clinical healthcare and information technology.
  • They communicate clearly with highly technical network personnel, and understand the diagnostic process of the radiologist.
  • Their role often expands to system architect, workflow engineer and business analyst.


Where do PACS Administrator work? 

PACS administrators

  • work in medical imaging and information technology settings that utilize digital imaging, PACS, and Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • work in PACS equipment retail, PACS sales, and PACS support services.


What degree will I earn? Will I be eligible for credentials?


How much does the program cost?

Download Estimated Expenses (pdf, 3/9/15)


What are the required courses and what is the suggested schedule?

  • Download Courses Required/Suggested Schedule (pdf, rev 3/15)
  • RADI courses are offered at the Lancaster Campus  Some prerequisite courses can be taken at other campuses and sites as well as online.


How can I get more information?

View American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII)

View PACS Administrators Registry and Certification Association (PARCA)


Who can I contact for more information/Program Office?

Tami Burkholder
Lancaster Campus, East Building 207
1641 Old Philadelphia Pike
Lancaster, PA  17602
717-358-2837 or 800-222-4222, ext. 312837