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"The Academy was well-organized and well-managed. Feedback, grades and support were delivered quickly. The eBook was interesting, interactive and tailored well to the course. Each week the information was chunked down nicely and delivered in a variety of virtual formats that encouraged thought, creativity and participation. This course opens the door to a large variety of educational recourses for any type of classroom. I would definitely recommend eVolution Academy to any of my colleagues.”

- Margaret Brandt, M.F.A., Visual Arts Instructor

What is eAcademy?

The purpose of eAcademy is to learn about the pedagogy of online teaching and use that knowledge to design and develop an online course. An online course, according to HACC, is “A learning environment where geographical location and seat time requirements of traditional face-to-face course offerings are replaced by Web-based instructional components requiring student-to-instructor, student-to-content, and student-to-student interaction.”

Successful completion of eAcademy is required in order to be approved to teach an online course at HACC.

How does it work?

This training is offered entirely online and lasts for fifteen (15) weeks. The course is asynchronous, meaning that you do not have to be logged in during specific times; however, you will need to log into the course, complete assignments, and participate in online discussions throughout each week. On average, participants can expect to spend approximately 9 to 12 hours per week working on this course.

What would I be committing to?

By registering for this training, you commit to participating in the course for the full 15 weeks, including readings, assignments, quizzes, and online discussions. You are also committing to develop your own online course, as guided throughout the training.

Am I eligible?

Consider the following questions to determine your eligibility:

  • Are you an active HACC faculty member?
  • Do you have a specific course identified that meets the needs of Virtual Learning?
  • Are you comfortable with technology, particularly D2L? (At least two semesters actively working with D2L are recommended as a prerequisite.)
  • Do you have the time to commit to this training? Consider your other obligations and commitments thoughtfully.

What is the eAcademy schedule?

For Fall 2018, eAcademy will not be available via general registration, due to a Virtual Learning High-Priority section being conducted.

How do I register?

Currently, eAcademy is only offered to HACC employees.

For more information, please contact Joe Mendrzycki at 717-780-2591 or e-mail