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Grew up in Williamstown, PA Williams Valley Jr/Sr High School graduated 1993 1993-95 Harrisburg Area Community College 1995-1997 Lycoming College, Williamsport PA graduated 1997 1997-2001 Shippensburg University graduated 2001 Currently I live in Newville, PA with my wife, 11 year old son, dog and cat.


  • Degrees: BA Lycoming College (Near East Culture/Archaeology). MA Shippensburg University (History)
  • Year Started: 2000
  • Title: Adjunct Professor of History
  • Professional Experience: 2000-currently Harrisburg Area Community College Classes Taught: History 101 World History I (Traditional, Blended, On-line) History 102 World History II (Traditional) History 103 History of the United States I (Traditional, Video) History 104 History of the United States II (Traditional, Video, On-line) History 107 United States History since 1918 (Traditional) History 110 America in Vietnam (Traditional) History 111 Twentieth Century Europe (Traditional, On-line) History 120 Military History of World War II (Traditional) History 161 The American Civil War and Reconstruction (On-line) History 201 Western Civilization I (Traditional) History 202 Western Civilization II (Traditional) History 214 Twentieth Century Middle East (Traditional, On-line) History 218 Hitler and Nazi Germany (Traditional, On-line) 2004-2014 Shippensburg University Classes Taught: History 105 World History I History 106 World History II Public Speaking Harrisburg Jewish Community Center, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Summer 2008, Summer 2009 *Topics included: Hannibal and the Second Punic War, The Red Baron, Dr. Seuss and the Second World War, The Origins of the First World War, The Battle of Stalingrad, Propaganda and the Second World War. Ashlar Masonic Lodge No. 570, Lykens, Pennsylvania March 2006, January 2007 *Topics included: Nathaniel Greene and the Southern Campaign, Frederick II of Prussia. DAR/SAR George Washington Luncheon, Camp Hill Country Club, Pennsylvania February 2011 *Topic: "George Washington: Leadership in Troubled Times." Unitarian Church of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania June 2013 *Topic: "A Thoughtful Discussion About Guns"
  • Area of expertise: Arab and Islamic Studies, Film, History
  • Notable research and publications: ABC-Clio’s United States at War Database 2006: William Weatherford. ABC-Clio’s United States At War Database 2007: 3rd Seminole War; Army and Department of East Tennessee; Burning of Chambersburg, PA; Carlisle, PA during the Civil War; Confederate Army of Tennessee; Fire-Eaters; Grattan Massacre; Andrew Hickenlooper; Uday Hussein; Iraqi atrocities in Kuwait; Edmund Kirby; Roman-Nose; Richard Taylor. ABC-Clio’s United States at War Database 2008: Free-Soil Party, Hartford Convention, Meeker Massacre. US Leadership in Wartime: Clashes, Controversy, and Compromise. ABC-Clio. Publication Date: August 2009. William Worth; Paul Hamilton; William Jones. The Encyclopedia of Middle East Wars: The United States in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. ABC-Clio. Publication Date: August 2010. Tanzimat; Qusey Hussein; Mullah Obaidullah (Taliban Minister of Defense); Uday Hussein; Iraq Atrocities in Kuwait Movies in American History: An Encyclopedia. ABC-Clio. Publication Date: February 2011. Charlie Chaplin; John Frankenheimer; The Great Dictator; The Manchurian Candidate; Toy Story. Encyclopedia of Islamic Warfare: From the Seventh Century to the Present. ABC-Clio. Publication Date: August 2011. Mikhail Skobelev; Ottoman-Wahabbi War; Anglo-Sudan War. Conflict and Conquest in the Islamic World: Historical Encyclopedia. ABC-Clio. Anglo-Sudan War. Atrocities, Massacres, and War Crimes: An Encyclopedia. ABC-Clio. Klaus Barbie; Alois Brunner; Distomo Massacre; Hans Frank; Josef Kramer; Marzabotto Massacre; Herta Oberheuser; Oswald Pohl; Erich Priebke; Sook Ching Massacre; Julius Streicher. Reviews Visions of America. Jennifer Keene. Pearson Education. Chapter 13 “Now That We Are Free. Reconstruction and the New South, 1863-1890.” Voyages in World History. 1st Edition. Hansen/Curtis. Cengage Publishing. Chapter 29 “The Second World War and the Origins of the Cold War, 1939-1949.” Interpreting the Asian Past. 1st Edition. Qiu Jin Hailstork. Kendall Hunt Publishing. Chapter 13 “Japan in the Era of Transformation” Chapter 14 “East Asia in the Era of War and Revolution” By the People: A History of the United States. James Fraser. Pearson Education. Chapter 22: “Living in Hard Times – The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929-1939”

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