Forrest Lysinger

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Systems engineer, emergency core cooling systems, Limerick Generating Station, Pottstown, Pennsylvania Design engineer 3, Lycoming Engines, Williamsport, Pennsylvania Adjunct professor, 2003-06, HACC Full-time faculty, 2009- , HACC


  • Degrees: Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering, both from Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
  • Year Started: 2003
  • Title: Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Professional Experience: Nuclear systems engineering Reciprocating aircraft engine design Finite element analysis Computer-aided drafting 3D modeling Additive manufacturing
  • Area of expertise: 3-D Design, Computer-Aided Design, Electric Vehicles, Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Materials Science, Mechanical Failure, Nuclear Power, Unmanned Vehicles
  • Notable research and publications: United States Patent 7875989 Power Source for Aircraft Engine Controller Systems United States Patent 7828509 Fuel Pump for Engine United States Patent 7469575 Sensing Rotation of Engine Component Relative to an Engine Body Using a Starter Ring United States Patent 7802560 Fuel Injector Mounting Assembly for an Aircraft Engine Fuel Delivery System United States Patent 8015962 Aircraft Engine Crankshaft Position and Angular Velocity Detection Apparatus

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