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Self-Assessment for Online Learning

If you are not sure if an online course or distance-learning is right for you, take the self-assessment for online learning below.

Read each statement and decide whether the statement best describes you by answering Yes or No. The statements focus on four areas critical to online success: technology, life and academic skills, learning environment and course expectations.

  1. Yes No

  2. Yes No

  3. Yes  No

  4. Yes  No

  5. Yes  No

  6. Yes  No

  7. Yes  No

  8. Yes  No

  9. Yes  No

  10. Yes  No

  11. Yes  No

  12. Yes  No

  13. Yes  No

  14. Yes  No

  15. Yes  No

  16. Yes  No

  17. Yes  No

  18. Yes  No

  19. Yes  No

  20. Yes  No