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*Do you need to take the HACC placement test but you live more than 50 miles from a HACC campus?
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Option 1 Off Campus - Remote Proctoring: Take your ACCUPLACER placement test at a local testing center.
This will enable you to take your ACCUPLACER test at another educational institution or a military installation. You must have the appropriate photo ID. Contact the test center personnel or educational officer to determine if they are willing to administer Accuplacer placement tests in their testing center. (It is not necessary for the institution to be a user of Accuplacer.)

Option 2 Virtual – Remote Online Proctoring: Have your Accuplacer test proctored remotely online using a webcam and microphone.
This will enable you to take the ACCUPLACER test at any location convenient to you. You must have an appropriate photo ID, and your computer must have a webcam, microphone, and stable internet connection. To check your computer meets the technical specifications required for testing, verify it here:

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