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Online Student Admissions

Online Admissions

Select the quote that best fits you. Learn about your exact next steps for becoming a virtual learning student.

First Time Online Student
First Time Student

"I never attended HACC or another college."
Online Guest Student
Guest Student

"I am currently enrolled at another college and want to take courses at HACC to fulfill my home institution's degree requirements.
Health Science Students
Health Science Student

“I am an actively credentialed or licensed health care professional working in the health field and would like to pursue the selective Health Science degree.”
Online Dual Admissions
High School (Dual Enrollment) Student

"I am currently in high school and am interested in earning college credits as a junior or senior."
Online Military Student
Military Student

"I plan to use military and veterans' education benefits."
Online Personal Enrichment
Personal Enrichment

“I want to take a course to explore a new interest, develop a skill, and further a passion.”
Online Returning Student
Returning Student

“I have taken at least one credit course or more from HACC in the past."
Online Transfer Students

"I previously attended another college or university."
Other Online Students
“I’m not sure which pathway best describes me.” Contact virtual learning at 1-800-ABC-HACC, option 7 or email