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Online Learning Testimonials

Hear about student and alum experiences and thoughts related to virtual learning at HACC.

Peter Abraham
Meet Peter Abraham:

“I picked online classes because it allows greater flexibility in planning your day and working around family or work. With HACC being accredited, I know the courses will transfer to other colleges should I want to pursue additional education. ”

Erin Christaldi
Meet Erin Christaldi:
“HACC offered me a plethora of opportunities to provide my academic aptitude and to grow personally and professionally.”

Constance Craig

Meet Constance Craig:
“Everyone at HACC is helpful and I had no idea how great the virtual community was. I did not know how to do assignments in a virtual environment, but the orientation was very helpful and the counselors were supportive.”

Stacey Cullen

Meet Stacey Cullen:

“The level of support and dedication to student success is what I value most about HACC. I was surprised to learn about the opportunities available for virtual learning students at HACC. Prior to my first semester, I felt unsure about returning to school at this point in my life. Once I arrived at HACC, I was welcomed with open arms and I now feel so confident about my future.”

Laurice Garcia

Meet Laurice Garcia:

”Virtual classes enable me to have the opportunity to sustain my career goals and fulfill my familial obligations at the same time. HACC also provides lower tuition and has a great student support.”

Michelle Gherard

Meet Michelle Gherardi:

“I like that HACC gives me the choice to have as much or as little “college experience” as I want. The information is always available, and the administration operates transparently which is of paramount importance to me.”

Vy Le

Meet Vy Le:

“I like everything at HACC! I would advise someone to go to HACC because it’s a great college.”

Peter Selib

Meet Peter Selib:

“Taking classes online is especially wonderful for people who are too busy or unable to do them in person. Since I’m still in Egypt, being able to take my classes online and pursue a degree is amazing. The fact that I can do an entire degree online or use the credits that I’m taking now in order to move on to another university is an incredible opportunity.”

Sieglitz Brenda Lee

Meet Brenda Lee Sieglitz:

“I enjoyed the ease of taking courses online in my own time. Having a degree validates the experience I had gained over years in the workforce."