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Melanie Wagner

Melanie Wagner

What are your title and main job responsibilities?
Videographer/Photographer - Create photos and videos for promotion of the college.

What inspires you to come to work every day, and why?
Being part of an organization that helps people, that gives our community educational opportunities, is a good feeling. Knowing that what we do here makes a positive impact on people's lives makes me proud of where I work. 

What is one of your best moments as an employee at HACC?
I enjoyed creating the video "Celebrating 50 Years of HACC: An Oral History." Being a newer employee of HACC, it was a wonderful experience to be able to hear the stories of people who were a part of the college from is early beginnings. Meeting some of HACC's first students and employees and hearing stories about our founders makes you truly appreciate where the college is now, how far we've come, and how many lives we changed.

What energizes you the most and why?
Working on creative group projects energizes me. I love to be on a set with a group of creative individuals collaborating and bringing ideas together to create a final product that everyone is proud to say they were a part of.

How do you enjoy spending free time?
I enjoy going to see live music, baking and traveling to new places. And of course I like to take photos of all of these activities!

Who's your biggest hero, and why?
My dad is my biggest hero. By paying for my college education at HACC and Penn State, he started me off as a young adult without a mountain of debt. You may think of that as spoiled, but he held me to a high standard. He taught me the importance of working hard and to be responsible with my finances. He held my hand and guided me throughout the process of buying my first home and helped me navigate all the responsibilities that come with home ownership. From taking me to the bank to open my first savings account as a little girl, to helping me with my taxes every year, he always knows the answer and is always there for me.

What educational degree(s) have you obtained?   
HACC, Associate, Liberal Arts: Communication and the Arts
Penn State University, Baccalaureate, Communications