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HACC Foundation

Investing in Students Through Scholarships

What limitations or criteria can be established with a scholarship?

Please view our Scholarship Interest and Commitment Form for more information about the types of scholarships, contribution amounts, criteria for award, acknowledgements and recognition.

What is the Foundation's annual scholarship award amount?

Our standard award amount is $1,000 per academic year. Deviations from this standard amount are made on a fund-by-fund basis.

Don't students get Pell grants and federal loans? Why would they need scholarships?

Some students do receive Pell grants and federal loans. Often these do not cover the full amount of tuition and fees for our students. That is why scholarships are a great way to help students reduce the financial burden of furthering their education.

Will I be able to meet my scholarship recipient?

Yes. Any donor who contributes over $100 in a year is invited to our annual donor and scholar recognition events. Scholarship recipients are also invited to these events. While recipients are encouraged to attend, because of personal and professional commitments some recipients are not able to attend.

Can a scholarship donor contact a scholarship recipient?

We appreciate the desire to interact with students. To ensure transparency in all we do, the HACC Foundation has established the following guidelines for communication between donors and students. Here are suggestions on how to communicate with and learn more about your scholarship recipients:

  • Scholarship Awards Ceremonies:
    Donors are encouraged to meet students at the annual HACC Foundation scholarship awards ceremonies. These events provide the opportunity to learn more about the bright students at HACC. Typically, these events are held each spring.
  • HACC Foundation Events:
    Donors are encouraged to meet students at other events and student speaking engagements.
  • Your Gift at Work Packets:
    The HACC Foundation provides donors who have established funds with a customized Your Gift at Work packet. These packets contain information about your scholarship recipients and include personalized thank-you letters from each student as well as up-to-date financial information on the status of your fund.

The HACC Foundation welcomes questions that you might have about our events and the materials we send you. To update your donor information to receive event invitations, please complete our Donor Data Request Form.
In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the HACC Foundation cannot release vital student information, such as course information, grades or last date of attendance. We ask that you respect the privacy of our students regarding this information.

How can scholarship recipients contact scholarship donors?

We appreciate your desire to communicate with the donor of your scholarship. However, it is inappropriate for students to contact donors with questions or concerns about their scholarships. Students should not contact donors to ask for money, express concerns about the College or the HACC Foundation, or ask questions about scholarship disbursements. A donation to the HACC Foundation is a gift, and our donors may wish to remain anonymous or simply be left alone.

The donor of your scholarship may be a prominent business leader, a faculty member you know or a benefactor you have never met. Therefore, we need to respect the privacy of our donors, and all questions or concerns about your scholarship must be communicated through the HACC Foundation.

To ensure transparency in all we do, the HACC Foundation has established the following guidelines for communication between donors and students. Here are two suggestions on how you can communicate with donors:

1. Students are required to submit a thank-you letter to the donors of their scholarships. Remember, this is your opportunity to show your appreciation. If you need assistance with your scholarship thank-you letter, the HACC Foundation's scholarship specialist will be happy to help you. Her email address is HACCscholarships@hacc.edu.

2. Students are encouraged to attend the HACC Foundation's annual scholarship awards ceremonies. We will recognize you for your achievements, and you may have the opportunity to meet your scholarship donors at these events.

Please note that you may be ineligible for future scholarship funds if you fail to comply with these guidelines.