Who can submit a report?
Anyone can report a concern about a student.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the Behavioral Reporting Form or contact the Director of Student Conduct or their Academic Affairs Dean. Students and community members are encouraged to report a concern to a faculty or staff member.

Should I approach the student first?
Whenever possible, you should express your concern(s) directly with the student.   However, should you have any concern about your safety or the safety of others, your best course of action for the safety of all involved is to access intervention from people who are trained in these areas.

What if I'm not ready to make a report, but I just need some advice about handling a student issue? You can always contact your campus Dean of Student Affairs or Dean of Academic Affairs for consultation on a concern.  These individuals can provide tips, ideas and resources on how to approach a situation. 

What if I’m not sure if I should report the concern?
You are registering a concern based on an observed behavior (e.g., verbal exchange, action, etc.), not making a determination.  By alerting the appropriate campus representatives, a professional determination can be made.  Let the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) weigh the information and see if gathering more information is warranted.

What will happen to the person who I submit a report about?
Although the action/outcome  will depend upon the situation, the BIT will intervene in support of the person of concern, as well as in support of college policies and procedures.

How will I know that the situation has been addressed?
BIT will address every report that is brought to the committee. Interventions by BIT members typically involve handling of confidential information, so those filing reports will not necessarily know the resolution of a situation. If you continue to have concerns about the situation, please contact your campus Dean of Student Affairs or Dean of Academic Affairs.

Can I submit anonymously?
You are encouraged to identify yourself because this may assist the BIT if clarification or additional information is needed. Submitting your name also gives your report more credence. Anonymous entries will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Also keep in mind a student cannot face the disciplinary process without being provided the evidence and the complaint being made against them.

Will the student know that I am the person who reported them to BIT?
BIT will attempt to handle all matters discreetly.  In most cases, we would expect that the student has been notified of your concern (for example, academic dishonesty rulings, classroom disruptions, code of conduct violations).  A reported student will be given specific information about the behaviors/actions that occurred so they can respond to the reported concern.   Therefore, it is possible that a student may know who made the report through the circumstances described to them.

Who has access to a report?
The reports are managed by the Director of Student Conduct and/or Associate Provost and reviewed by BIT members when appropriate. 

Student Disciplinary Records which include records related to the Student Code of Conduct and records related to the Academic Integrity Policy are considered part of a student’s educational record.  Such records are maintained in accordance with the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

How long will the report stay on file?
All Student Disciplinary Records are maintained for seven years after last date of attendance of the student.  If a student is assigned the sanction of Permanent Expulsion, the Student Disciplinary Record will remain on file indefinitely. If a student is involved in litigation with the College, the Student Disciplinary Record may be kept indefinitely. If the student has not met the conditions for re-enrollment after a separation from the College, the Student Disciplinary Record may be kept on file until the sanction is removed, but only if the period of time meets the criteria above.

What if I just had a question not answered above, what should I do?
We welcome all questions and suggestions.  To do so, please contact the Director of Student Conduct, your Academic Affairs Dean, or any other member of the Behavior Intervention Team.