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Successful Alumni


“ I felt immediately welcome.”

Thomas's Story


“ HACC's impact is enormous. ”

Joshua's Story

Donald Pollard

“ HACC is a staple in the community as the go-to institution for a quality education. ”

Donald's Story

La-Verna Fountain

“I had the best professors in the world, and the veterans’ affairs office provided strong support.”

La-Verna's Story

Dawn Mahan.jpg

HACC continues to be a vehicle for people of all ages and backgrounds to drive toward their dreams.”

Dawn's Story

Daniel M. Ashby thumbnail

Don't underestimate the value of education through a community college.”

Daniel's Story

Danielle Green

My academic experience at HACC was among the best experiences that I have had throughout my many years of attending higher education institutions.”

Danielle's Story

Christopher Pollock

[I] learned fascinating new things and met many great professors and instructors.

Christopher's Story

BrianHudson- thumbnail

HACC provided a great education at a very reasonable cost.

Brian's Story

Elsheikh, Hagir thumbnail

I attribute my success to having found myself at HACC and having received the support I needed as a new student and a newcomer to the country.”

Hagir's Story

Karen Morris-Priester Thumbnail

HACC is a crucial part of allowing students like me to pursue their dreams. I would have never gone on to become a physician if I hadn't had the opportunity to start my education at HACC. I had been out of high school for over 10 years and with working fulltime and raising a family, I never would have had the courage or ability to attend a four-year college. HACC makes education affordable.”

Karen's Story

Lt Col Harvey Lyter III thumbnail

“HACC's open-door policy gave me the chance to prove myself.”

Harvey's Story


“As a HACC student, I was able to work while taking classes to earn my degree as well as the capital to start my business."

Daniel's Story

Snyder, Betty thumbnail

“The professors, counselors and staff provided a safe and welcoming environment no matter your culture, sex, age or one's personal values or views.”

Betty's Story

Edwards, JoAnn thumbnail

“My education at HACC was the cornerstone necessary for my successful climb into the corporate world.”

JoAnn's Story

Patty Bowen

“HACC is an educational institution for all ages and all generations. It has been part of our community since 1964 and first touched me through my aunt, Jean Hintermyer, a 1969 HACC graduate. HACC’s faculty members are part of our community and the real-world work experience brought to the classroom through our adjunct faculty is exceptional.”

Patty's Story

John Bowman

“HACC prepared me for a memorable career in law enforcement. I was able to form a close bond with the faculty and students at the Lancaster Campus that continues today.”

John's Story

Dorothy Byrne

“I attribute my success to having found myself at HACC and having received the support I needed.”

Dorothy's Story

Sherry Capello

“[My] professor told us that we should not automatically accept what is told to us. We have our own minds. We can educate ourselves and develop our own informed decisions. That moment changed how I looked at everything in my life."

Sherry's Story

Linda, Don and Jim also shared their thoughts on the quality of HACC’s student body. Jim, who has worked extensively with student volunteers, explained, “They understand the meaning of professionalism, and it’s clear that they learn this from the institution.” 


Linda, Donald Jr.
& James' Story

Timothy Gregg

“Attending HACC was a life-changing event for me. I gained the communication and leadership skills that are helping me be a more effective public administrator and involved member of my community.”

Timothy's Story

Destini Hodges

“HACC’s professors and staff are deeply invested in the culture of student learning. I would not exchange or give away the values and lessons I learned here at HACC. HACC is a beacon of light in Harrisburg, and all students should deeply consider letting HACC be their first choice for a quality and accessible higher education opportunity"

Destini's Story

Gary Laabs

"HACC attendance benefits the individual, his or her employer and the community"

Gary's Story

Daniel Miller

“I was 17 when I went to HACC, and my classes were filled with older students. It was really good for me because it gave a different perspective. HACC was probably the best learning experience I had.”

Daniel's Story

Kathy Verna

“One has a vision of what college kids look like, but at HACC you see people who are the same age range or ethnic background as you. You feel like you belong. At HACC, I always had the sense that the instructors were willing to do what was needed to help you succeed.”

Kathy's Story