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Transfer Information

Transfer Information

Complete as many credits as possible at HACC prior to transferring!  Here’s an example of how much you can save by studying at HACC:

Transfer Savings

Generally, completing an associate degree at HACC prior to transferring is advisable:

  • Students learn from highly-qualified faculty members who are teaching-focused. Classes are smaller, attention is individualized, and student success is a priority;
  • Students save money (60 credits at HACC costs about $12,000. Sixty credits at a 4-year school costs $25,000 or more);
  • Students who complete the associate degree prior to transfer are 77% more likely to complete the bachelor’s degree within four years.*
  • Students complete a credential that makes them immediately marketable. In the event a student is unable to complete the 4-year degree, the associate degree provides leverage in the hiring market.(*Krosta & Kopko, 2015)


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