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Meet Jacob: Continuing at the Right Pace at HACC

Meet Jacob: Continuing at the Right Pace at HACC

Date published: Aug. 10, 2020

 Lancaster, PA

I chose HACC because it’s an affordable option that allows for easy transfer.” 

Jacob, a HACC engineering student, said they were worried when they first came to HACC, but “after the first week I felt right at home with my peers.”  

After graduating, Jacob plans to transfer to Penn State and pursue a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. Many students follow a similar path as Jacob, which is easy to do at HACC. The College has transfer agreements with more than 60 four-year institutions!  

“HACC has taken a huge load off of my costs and will hopefully lead to a life towards success,” Jacob said. “The amount of money saved from transferring to a 4 year college from HACC is a huge bonus, and the classes are fantastic.”

If HACC were not an option, Jacob said they would be put behind at least two years. Thanks to HACC, Jacob said they can “continue at the right pace.”

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