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Meet Amelia: HACC was her constant

Meet Amelia: HACC was Her Constant

 Hanover, PA

Amelia Demopoulos

“I wish people knew that HACC is much more than a community college. It’s a means to a better life.”

In the midst of multiple personal crises, alumna Amelia Demopoulos said that HACC was the one constant in her life. “It didn’t matter if I got evicted or my car broke down...if I was going through a break up or family long as I could find a way to show up, I knew that HACC—my future, my education—would always be there,” she said.

Amelia grew up in California in an abusive home, but moved to Pennsylvania in middle school, where her grandmother took her under her wing. Sadly, when her grandmother passed away, Amelia became homeless and dropped out of high school. Years later, she earned her GED through HACC. While Amelia still experienced financial and personal challenges, she was accepted to the Nursing Program.

Amelia said, “As a single mom of young children, I chose HACC because of how many programs they offered which could put me in a salary-earning career in a reasonable amount of time. I was getting nowhere working low paying, back breaking jobs and all I had was my GED. My kids and I needed a future, and I knew that HACC could provide that for us.”

“I wish people knew that HACC is much more than a community college,” Amelia added. “It’s a means to a better life. Whether you are looking to transfer to university or to start a new career, HACC offers an entryway into whatever avenue you’re looking to explore.”

Amelia graduated in 2019 and said she hopes to one day become a nurse anesthetist or nurse practitioner.

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