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What is Career Coach?

Career Coach is a technology program that is completely YOURS to help you explore careers and “begin with the end in mind.”

How can it help?

This helpful tool will assist you in looking ahead and planning for your future. Students who set goals, plan for the future and take early steps toward developing themselves professionally are typically more successful when graduation arrives.

In Career Coach, you can:

  • Research careers
  • Learn what jobs are in demand in South Central Pennsylvania
  • See how occupations tie into specific majors at HACC
  • Begin to map out the path toward your future career

Don't have a career path selected?

If you do not know what you hope to do for a career, Career Coach can help with that decision, too! By completing assessments in Career Coach, you can start to link your interests and skills to possible careers that may be a good fit for you. The assessments are also helpful if you are a current HACC student and want to explore changing majors or other career fields.

Find YOUR potential careers now!

We care about YOUR success—academic success, career success and personal success. Please use this FREE resource to help you take the first step on your journey to reaching your goals. We look forward to being your partner on that journey. Check out our career services webpages for additional tools and services! 

Getting Started in Career Coach (pdf)