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Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Student profile documents contain demographic breakdowns of HACC's student body.

We organize headcounts by:

  • Campus
  • Gender
  • Enrollment status
  • Race/ethnicity
  • Age
  • Student type
  • Top ten majors

The semester profile includes college-wide students based on the audit date. The trends document includes college-wide data for the past three years. We also provide a profile with the listed demographics for each campus.

Contact Kim Kelsey if you would like to view these charts in a Microsoft Word document.

College Wide

Fall 2012 Student Profile  (pdf) 
Spring 2013 Student Profile (pdf)
Fall 2012 Student Profile Trends (pdf) 
Spring 2013 Student Profile Trends (pdf)

Gettysburg Campus
Fall 2012 Gettysburg Campus Student Profile (pdf) 
Spring 2013 Gettysburg Campus Student Profile (pdf)

Harrisburg Campus
Fall 2012 Harrisburg Campus Student Profile (pdf) 
Spring 2013 Harrisburg Campus Student Profile (pdf)

Lancaster Campus
Fall 2012 Lancaster Campus Student Profile (pdf) 
Spring 2013 Lancaster Campus Student Profile (pdf)

Lebanon Campus
Fall 2012 Lebanon Campus Student Profile (pdf) 
Spring 2013 Lebanon Campus Student Profile (pdf)

York Campus
Fall 2012 York Campus Student Profile (pdf)
Spring 2013 York Campus Student Profile (pdf)

Virtual Learning
Fall 2012 Virtual Student Profile (pdf)
Spring 2013 Virtual Student Profile (pdf)