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HACC Inclusion and Diversity Committee (IDC)
Membership Contact List

Constituency Role Name
VP, Inclusion and Diversity Ex Officio, Chair Armenta Hinton
Director, Faculty and Staff Development Ex Officio Cavil Anderson
VP, Academic Affairs Ex Officio Cindy Doherty
VP, Human Resources Ex Officio Ken Shur
VP, Student Affairs/Enrollment Management Ex Officio David Tracy
Executive Assistant, Office of Inclusion and Diversity Ex Officio Briana Legerlotz
Director, HR Recruitment Member Jessie Groft
Faculty Member Kelley Engle
Faculty Member Miguel Chavez
Faculty Member Sarah Jacobson
APO Member Jennifer Daley
APO Member Howard Alexander
APO Member Alexis Baker
CEO Member Christy Helms
CEO Member Holly King
CEO Member Kirti Sonalkar
Student Member Quintina Smith
Student Member Hamza Maqsood
Student Member Chloe Buckwalter