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Honorary Degrees

Honorary Degrees

HACC may award an honorary degree of Doctor of Public Service (D.P.S.) to outstanding community leaders. Learn about the D.P.S. Degree.

How does HACC decide to award a D.P.S.?
The President and Board of Trustees must recommend this degree. The committee will make its recommendations to the President. The President will then make recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

We base the decision to award a D.P.S. on:

  • Significant cultural and humanitarian services to the community
  • Significant contributions to HACC
  • Significant contributions in education, scholarship, arts, sciences or technology
  • Significant leadership in business, industry, public service or civic and community affairs

HACC does not award honorary degrees to:

  • former trustees
  • administrators
  • faculty members

We cannot award honorary degrees to these groups until at least one year after association with the institution has elapsed.

Who serves on the Honorary Degree Award recommending committee? 

  • Chief Academic Officer (CAO) 
  • A dean appointed by the President 
  • Two faculty appointed by Faculty Council 
  • Two classified staff members appointed by the Classified Employees Organization

Who chairs the Honorary Degree Award recommending committee?
The CAO is responsible for chairing the committee.

How does HACC award the D.P.S.?
The Board of Trustees determines when to award honorary degrees at commencement exercises. HACC displays the names of those awarded honorary degrees.

Who has received an honorary degree from HACC?
View honorary degree recipients.