About HACC

HACC's mission statement
Creating opportunities and transforming lives to shape the future - together.

HACC's vision statement
HACC will be the first choice for a quality and accessible higher education opportunity.

HACC’s core values



  • We behave in a manner consistent with our core values.
  • We are honest, open and truthful in our statements and actions.
  • We provide the most accurate information available in all communication.


  • We work in harmony with one another.
  • We respect the shared governance decision-making process.
  • We welcome and embrace individuals and groups of varied backgrounds.


  • We set high goals and achieve them.
  • We consistently perform above our own and others’ expectations.
  • We provide exceptional service to all.


  • We provide a safe and encouraging environment.
  • We are fair and balanced in our interactions with others.
  • We respect and support one another despite differences of opinion.