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Congratulations, HACC Faculty and Staff!


Our summer 2017 cycle of HACC Foundation Faculty and Staff Awards was a success! The following colleagues received awards:

First Name

Last Name





Education Program Director, Harrisburg Campus

Bruce E. Cooper, Esq. Leadership Award



Instructor of Mathematics, Harrisburg Campus

Martha J. Stauffer Mathematics Award Endowment



Bookstore Director

Bruce E. Cooper, Esq. Leadership Award



Technical Director, Rose Lehrman Theatre, Harrisburg Campus

Betty Martin Staff Development Award



York Campus Dean of Academic Affairs

Bruce E. Cooper, Esq. Leadership Award


Detailed information about the award winners is available online:

Please congratulate these colleagues on their outstanding work and dedication to the College.

If you would like to nominate someone during the fall 2017 cycle, please refer to the timeline and note the various deadlines. Thank you.


Dr. Cynthia Davis became the program director for the Education Program approximately six years ago. At that time, the Pennsylvania Department of Education required that the Early Childhood and Elementary Education programs become one program.

Dr. Davis has provided a solid foundation for the new program, where faculty have developed quality course outcomes. Students not only learn theory but learn how to put it into practice in classrooms. Dr. Davis’ kind and patient demeanor has encouraged education faculty to unite and provide students with a professional Education Program.

Dr. Davis has since helped HACC to achieve accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. She has also developed quality community relationships with Head Start and several school districts. Our students have opportunities to observe and participate in these programs as they learn to be professional teachers. Many local childcare centers and Head Start hire HACC students.

Mallary DeSantis is currently working on a project to improve student success in developmental mathematics through a more efficient use of the ALKES software. During her time at HACC, Professor DeSantis has noticed that developmental students are all missing different pieces of their mathematical foundation. She has led the development of a new course, Math 281: Mathematics Readiness, which aims to fill those missing pieces and allow students to build up their mathematics knowledge.

Professor DeSantis has an outstanding record of striving for innovation and excellence in the classroom. She has incorporated new technologies such as Livescribe pens to improve her online and blended classes and has led new curriculum initiatives such as teaching the first mathematics class during the 2016-2017 winter term. To promote a positive and supportive learning environment in Math 113: Principles of Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I, Professor DeSantis adapted a growth approach where students received points for what they did instead of lose points for what was done incorrectly. This promoted positive mathematics self-efficacy in a course that typically has many students with a mathematics phobia.

Kyle DiBrito serves as the director of college bookstores and has been in this role since May 2005. In his first year, Mr. DiBrito opened up bookstores at our Gettysburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York campuses. Over the past 12 years, he has brought in electronics, textbook rentals, gift cards and digital books as well as many services to our students such as bus passes at discounted prices, nursing uniforms and a textbook student scholarship program. All five campus bookstores have been renovated during his tenure to keep them modern and service driven.

In Mr. DiBrito’s role, he has been able to increase revenue and services to our students by getting the bookstore approved to be an Apple® authorized campus store and Apple® repair center. Although Apple® sales are limited to HACC students and employees, anyone from our community can visit the bookstore to have their Apple® devices serviced. Mr. DiBrito has been able to keep the bookstores institutionalized by managing a profitable bookstore while keeping textbooks and supplies affordable to our students.

From October 2015 through June 2016, Mr. DiBrito served as interim director of procurement and contracts. Mr. DiBrito serves on the Office of Finance leadership team and several task forces and committees. In addition, he has chaired several search committees over the past year.

Mr. DiBrito is a servant leader as he wants to serve our students and employees first. You will commonly see Mr. DiBrito out on the bookstore sales floor or up front running the cash register. He visits all five of our campuses frequently to stay on top of the trends of each campus. For 2018, Mr. DiBrito is working on an all-inclusive digital pilot.


Lori Friedlander will attend the Live Design International (LDI) Conference with her award. Lori is an invaluable asset to the College, serving as the technical director of the Rose Lehrman Theatre and lighting instructor and designer for the Department of Theatre. In addition to her work supporting the Live at Rose Lehrman Series and teaching, Lori supports 80 to 90 events a year in the theatre for both internal and external users. Lori attended the LDI Conference 17 years ago when she invented a lighting lens that was introduced at the conference and won “product of the year.”

Ms. Friedlander has a goal of creating a “Self-Operating Theatre,” and in order to make this happen, the lighting system in the theatre will need a major upgrade. This would be a significant energy savings and make the lighting system operable from several locations.

In addition, Ms. Friedlander is constantly trying to stay current with other forms of theatrical technology.

Dr. Margie Mattis helped to establish a Writing Center on the York Campus. Over 26 percent of students enrolled in courses at the York Campus and through Virtual Learning use the Learning and Writing Centers. This percentage is higher than collegewide usage, which is roughly 17 percent. The Goodling Building was no longer able to handle the number of students seeking writing assistance. Therefore, HACC identified a space in the Cytec Building that would be able to accommodate the needed space. Within the same semester, HACC was able to open a new 2,700-square-foot space, outfitted with computers, collaborative learning spaces and a student resource area that the students use and enjoy.

Dr. Mattis also assisted with the creation of a 5,000-square-foot welding lab in the Goodling Building on the York Campus. In total, this was a $750,000 project. Architects and engineers were hired to design a welding shop with eight booths and state-of-the-art Lincoln weld machines.

York County is the fifth largest manufacturing county in the Commonwealth, complete with over 600 manufacturing companies. The need for trained welders has been echoed by professionals and community leaders for years, and HACC was asked to address the need.

Under Dr. Mattis’ leadership, the York Campus established a Student Commons area in the Leader Building, complete with a Subway and PSECU e-center. The open, modern, green space is a vibrant, student center that is the hub of the Leader building and used by hundreds of students every day.

In addition, Dr. Mattis and her team, were able to provide York Campus students with a new Automotive Program. This program also helped HACC to earn the National Automotive Technician’s Educational Foundation (NATEF) accreditation for the York Campus. Auto technicians are in short supply in York County, and dealerships are actively looking for qualified individuals. As a result, in fall 2016, the York Campus began to offer a new program to our students, a certificate in automotive technology.


Our spring 2017 cycle of HACC Foundation Faculty and Staff Awards was a success! The following colleague received an award:

First Name Last Name Title Award
Beth Evitts Executive Director, Libraries Bruce E. Cooper, Esq. Leadership Award


Beth Evitts serves as executive director of the HACC libraries. Academic libraries often intimidate and overwhelm students, especially students who have stepped away from higher education to work or to raise a family. Thanks to Beth Evitts, these students feel welcomed and encouraged when they return to school. Beth has initiated many programs and services in the library to support all students, especially regarding technology. Most significantly, she is committed to hiring and training faculty and staff who are compassionate, professional and always put students first.

Beth's initial position at HACC was as the library director at HACC’s Gettysburg Campus. The Gettysburg Campus is host to HACC's only Learning Commons, a space where library services, IT assistance, testing and tutoring share a multi-purpose space. This collaborative environment is where Beth first promoted new ideas such as circulating technology, eliminating fines, supporting online students and developing co-curricular programming with other departments such as nursing.

As HACC restructured, Beth became the executive director of all of the campus libraries, while continuing to manage the Gettysburg Campus Library. As executive director, Beth hired four full-time librarians to provide more students with faculty librarians. Beth also began to emphasize a one-library vision, where students and employees could expect the same high quality of service and materials regardless of location.

In 2015, after colleagues were identified to lead the Gettysburg Campus Library and Harrisburg Campus Library, Beth became solely the executive director of the HACC libraries. Faculty and staff on different campuses are always delighted to hear when Beth is visiting them, because she brings a joyful heart, a status update on the libraries’ strategic goals and inspiration for all of us to do our best to empower student success and inspire lifelong learning.

Fall 2016 Cycle

First Name

Last Name





Professor of English

Betty Martin Staff Development Award


Jonathan DeYoung serves as a professor of English at the Harrisburg Campus. Jonathan has been accepted to attend a poetry workshop hosted by renowned poet Billy Collins in January 2017. Collins was U.S. Poet Laureate from 2001-2003 and is one of the most successful living American poets. Jonathan shared that, as an English professor, any time he can learn from a professional writer in a small group setting, it sharpens his skills and knowledge for teaching writing. This experience will also increase Jonathan’s focus and spark new creativity to teach writing. Jonathan says that this workshop will help him learn new and effective strategies that will translate to the classroom. Jonathan plans to share his poetry written at the workshop with HACC and the central Pennsylvania community at the annual Wildwood Writers Festival, which is scheduled for March 24, 2017, at HACC’s Harrisburg Campus.