HACC Supports Veterans and Active-Duty Personnel

HACC welcomes all veterans, eligible dependents, members of the Guard and Reserves and active-duty personnel.

Did you know?

  • HACC is the only college in Pennsylvania participating in the VetSuccess program which provides on-site support to any veteran exploring higher education offerings.
  • HACC has the second largest active military/veteran population among colleges and universities in Pennsylvania.
  • Dependents of veterans and military personnel who are high school juniors or seniors can use military benefits for dual enrollment at HACC to earn high school and college credit simultaneously.
  • Veterans and military personnel receive three physical education credits or two physical education credits and one wellness credit if the basic training date occurred after 1993.

James Truitt, veteran and social sciences major, knows from experience that "at every junction, HACC wants to help you succeed."

Hear more from James about the support he has received at HACC:

Visit any of HACC's campuses on Nov. 19, 2014, from 1-7 p.m. to enroll and register for spring 2015 classes. You can complete the enrollment process all in one day! Learn more and register.

Can't make it on Nov. 19?
Follow these steps to become a HACC student:

  1. Contact HACC's Military and Veteran Affairs Office (MVAO). You will receive a VA education briefing.

They will brief you on:

  • VA student eligibility
  • VA education payment process
  • HACC's certification process
  • Student responsibility and academic progress

They will assist with:

  • Completing the required VA application paperwork
  • Submitting the VA Form 22-1990 for new students
  • Submitting the VA Form 22-1995 for transfer students
  • Completing the VA Form 54-1990 or 54-1995 forms for individuals receiving chapter 35 benefits

2. Apply and enroll at HACC. MVAO staff members are available to assist you. Learn how to apply and enroll.

3. Submit your veterans yellow sheet. You received this sheet from the MVAO staff member after you registered for classes.

Please contact your campus MVAO by calling:

  • Gettysburg Campus 717-337-3855 ext. 113034
  • Harrisburg Campus 717-780-2331
  • Lancaster Campus 717-358-2954
  • Lebanon Campus 717-270-6346
  • York Campus 717-718-0328 ext. 513226

Please call 717-736-4149 or 717-736-4148 or email vaoffice@hacc.edu for immediate assistance.