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State Residency Reclassification

State Residency Change


HACC students living in Pennsylvania enjoy lower tuition rates than out-of-state students. Students must take certain steps to update their residency with HACC when moving.

Learn how to change your state residency. Find information on deadlines and the steps you need to take.


Am I considered a state resident?

To qualify for PA resident tuition, you must meet criteria in accordance with The Pennsylvania Code –35.29b, Commonwealth Residency.

You must provide documentary evidence to establish your PA residency. You should also provide statements from disinterested persons.

This evidence must show one of the following:

  1. You had continuous residence in PA for 12 months prior to the start of the enrolled term.
  2. You have U.S. citizenship. Citizenship is a formal declaration of intent to become a citizen or admission to the U.S. on an immigrant visa.
  3. Your parent or legal guardian is a PA resident.
  4. You are a U.S. government employee. You may also be a member of the armed forces residing in PA prior to entering the government service. You must reveal that PA was your continuous legal residence.
  5. You are in military service stationed in PA (as defined in PA Statutes, Title 24, Education, Chapter 3).
  6. You are a military personnel or dependent of one assigned to an active-duty station in PA. You must show you reside in PA.
  7. You are a civilian personnel or a dependent of one. You must be employed at a Department of Defense facility, transferred to PA by the Department of Defense, and reside in PA.


Do I need to change my state residency classification?

HACC requires a state residency change if: 

  • You change your residence from PA to another state. 
  • Your visa changes to a non-immigrant type.


When is my state residency change due?

The deadline is prior to the start of the enrolled term. You cannot make state residency changes retroactively.


How do I change my state residency classification?

There are multiple steps to changing your state residency. You must:

  1. File a petition (pdf) with the Welcome Center at your campus. The petition must contain a statement of rationale. This statement of rationale should support your claim of PA reclassification.
  1. Include supporting documentation or convincing evidence.

HACC prefers two types of documentation:

  • Proof you are leasing or purchased a permanent, independent residence in PA
  • Proof you paid appropriate state and local taxes. You should submit your tax records for the time period in question if you were temporarily absent from PA.


What if I can't provide the preferred type of documentation?

Contact the Welcome Center if you cannot provide the preferred documents. We can help you determine which combination of documents you need to send. These documents include: 

  1. Transfer of bank accounts, stock, automobiles and other registered property. The transfer is to PA from another state.
  2. PA driver's license
  3. PA motor vehicle registration
  4. Agreement for permanent, full-time employment in PA
  5. Membership in PA social, civic, political, athletic and religious organizations
  6. PA voter's registration
  7. Sworn statement declaring your intention to make PA your residence. Your intent is either permanent or for an indefinite period of time.
  8. Your parent's or guardian's sworn statement. Their statement declares your intention to make PA your residence. You need your parent's or guardian's statement if you are a minor.
  9. Your parent's or guardian's sworn statement setting forth facts to establish your financial independence and separate residence. You need your parent's or guardian's statement if you are a minor.


Can HACC change my residency classification without my approval?

HACC can change your residency classification without your request. This change occurs if HACC believes you are no longer a PA resident.


Is my non-immigrant visa enough proof?

A non-immigrant visa is not proof of intent of residency.

Many non-immigrant visa types do not qualify for state residency:

  • B-1 temporary visitor for business
  • B-2 temporary visitor for pleasure
  • C-1 alien in transit directly through the U.S.
  • C-1D combined transit and crewman visa
  • C-2 alien in transit to United Nations headquarters district under Section 11 (3), (4), or (5) of headquarters agreement
  • C-3 foreign government official, members of immediate family, attendant, servant or personal employee, in transit
  • C-4 transit without visa
  • D-1 crew member departing on same vessel of arrival
  • D-2 crew member departing by means of other vessel than arrival
  • F-1 student in academic or language program
  • F-2 spouse or child of F-1 student
  • H-2A temporary agricultural worker
  • H-2B temporary worker: skilled or unskilled
  • H-3 trainee
  • J-1 exchange visitor
  • J-2 spouse or child of J-1
  • K-1* fiancée or fiancé of U.S. citizen
  • K-2* minor child of K-1
  • K-3* spouse of a U.S. Citizen (LIFE Act)
  • K-4* child of K-3
  • M-1 vocational Student or other non-academic student
  • M-2 spouse or child of M-1
  • Q-1 international cultural exchange visitors
  • Q-2 Irish Peace Process Cultural and Training program (Walsh Visas)
  • Q-3 spouse or child of Q-1 or Q-2
  • S-5 informant of criminal organization information
  • S-6 informant of terrorism information
  • TD2* spouse or child accompanying TN
  • TN1* professionals from Canada or Mexico who enter the U.S. under the NAFTA agreements
  • TPS temporary protected status
  • TWOV passenger
  • TWOV crew
  • Undocumented
  • WB/WT waived (includes spouse or child of visa-holder)
  • We may apply some exceptions. Contact the Coordinator of International Admissions or Campus Welcome Center Director/Coordinator with questions.

    How does HACC review my petition?

    HACC will review all the facts you submitted. We base our decision on the quality of your supporting evidence. We do not base the decision on the amount of evidence provided.

    There is not a certain number of factors that prove residency. HACC reviews each case independently. We base our decision on your intentions to reside permanently or indefinitely in PA. 


    What if I don't agree with HACC's decision?

    You can submit a written appeal to the Secretary of Education. The Secretary of Education's decision is final.

    Send your written appeal to:

    Office of the Secretary of Education

    333 Market Street

    Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333