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Lancaster Campus, Humanities Symposium--"The Future: Question, Imagine, Believe"

Date:   Thursday March 15, 2018
Time:   8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Location:    Lancaster Campus, East Building, Room 203

Contact Name:    Cindy Rose
Contact Phone:   
Contact Email:    cwrose@hacc.edu


Please participate in our Time Capsule Project anytime today in East 203.

Thursday, March 15th:  Schedule of Events in East 203

8AM-9:15AM  -  Our Vision of the Future

  • Come this morning to record your predictions about the future on a number of topics in this interactive session.  For example, questions for your consideration could include how many years it will take for the U.S. to have its first female president, whether we will be "driving" around town in hover cars, and will we have computer chips in our brains?  Presented by:  Michael Corradino, Campus Dean of Academic Affairs.

9:30AM-10:45AM  -  American's Changing Views of the Future

  • An exploration of how Americans' anticipation of the future has changed in the period since World War II.  Presented by:  Kimberly Hall, Associate Professor of English.

11AM-12:15PM  -  The Future of Music and Technology

  • What is the future of the music industry?  How will technology effect our music, and the delivery of music?  Are there new instruments being developed?  How will music sound in the future?  In this session, learn about the answers to these questions and experience the evolution of music.  Presented by:  Jill Graybill, Adjunct Professor of Music.

12:30-1:45PM  -  Futuristic Architecture:  Structures for the Future

  • Creative architects, engineers and designers have for decades envisioned the future through their innovative structures.  This presentation will focus on these structures inspired by movement, technological advances, modern design and forwad thinking.  Learn about modern architectural masterpieces and envision the future in architecture.  Presented by:  Cindy Rose, Associate Professor of Humanities.

2PM-3:15PM  -  Dinnertime 2049:  Eating in the Future

  • A multimodal discussion of how and what we'll be eating when things...start to change.  Analyzing sci-fi film clips as well as recent research and local trends, we speculate on the range of possible culinary futures that we can expect, reflecting on how our eating now leads us there.  Presented by:  Jeremy Hauck, Adjunct Professor of English.

3:15PM-6PM  -  Metropolis (1927) directed by Fritz Lang:  Film Presentation

  • Following a brief introduction to German Expressionism and the impact of this science fiction masterpiece, this silent film featuring the 1927 original score and English subtitles will be shown in its entirety.

6PM-9PM  -  Seers, Prophets and Oracles in Ancient and Modern Mythology

  • What does the future hold?  Throughout mythic realms through the ages, seers, prophets and oracles provided insights to those who would listen.  This session will investigate the role and predictions of these sage figures in ancient myths as well as new myths in literature, film, and pop culture.  Presented by:  Cindy Rose, Associate Professor of Humanities; Dennis Wimer, Adjunct Professor of Humanities.

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