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Events for Wednesday, Feb 07, 2018

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Lancaster Campus, Head-Roc Social Justice Hip Hop

Dubbed "The Mayor of D.C. Hip Hop," Head-Roc has come to embody the passions, hopes and dreams of a wonderfully talented DC Black music scene.  Head-Roc has had a number of solo and group effort album releases in his career, he has enjoyed performing and promoting his music across the United States and has been popular in Europe for more than a decade.  Head-Roc's artistic work and social activism is well respected in US Progressive and Social Justice Communities.

York Brainfreeze

The Student Programming Board will be walking around in Leader and Cytec handing out frozen treats.

Lancaster Campus--Career Services~On The Go!

"Explore, Discover, and Connect" - learn more about career services and what's available, or stop by with your career related questions.