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Types of Transfer Agreements: Help to ensure you do not lose any time or money


Program-to-Program outline what courses a student should take as part of an associate degree to transfer at the junior level in a specific major.

Core-to-Core allows students to transfer after completing their associate's degree, successfully fulfilling the four-year college's core education requirements.

General transfer and memo of understanding agreements allow students to transfer their entire degree providing all grades are at least a C to the four-year school. Students who do not earn an Associate degree will have their classes evaluated class-by-class.

Dual Admission is a transfer agreement formed with a specific school before 30 credits, which facilitate your admission process, access other school's services, and transfer your associate degree into a bachelor degree program


Dual Admission Colleges

The following institutions participate in a dual-admission program with HACC. All dual admission intent forms must be submitted to transfer@hacc.edu

Albright College (Reading Campus and Harrisburg Campus)

  • Transfer Information Two-year and Community College Partnerships
  • Dual Admissions Intent Form (pdf)
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Albright:
    • While enrolled at HACC full-time, Dual Admissions students may take one course per year at Albright College with the tuition waived. (maximum of three courses lifetime).
    • Albright's Application Fee is waived for Dual Admission candidates.
    • Albright College agrees to accept the general education embedded in HACC's Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S.) as meeting all general studies requirements for graduation from Albright. Except for the foreign language requirement (native speakers exempt), synthesis requirement, and ENG 102 requirement (if students have not completed HACC's ENG 102 Composition II).
    • All HACC courses with quality grades (A, B, C, inclusive of a C-) will transfer to Albright College.
    • Full-time students entering Albright with junior status can complete a bachelor's degree within four regular terms (spring and fall) in a parallel program. That is, provided the student completes the appropriate associate degree program at HACC and completes the proper sequence of courses at Albright.
    • Merit scholarships are available to Dual Admission graduates from HACC who enroll as full-time day students at Albright College (3 or more courses per semester). With a final minimum HACC GPA of 2.4 or higher.

Bloomsburg University

  • Transfer Information Transfer Admission
  • Dual Admission Intent Form (pdf)
  • Return Form to Transfer Services
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Bloomsburg:
    • Waive the admissions application fee.
    • Accept HACC courses for transfer as specified by BU's general transfer policy.
    • Under the Dual Admissions Agreement, HACC students will be guaranteed admissions into a Bachelor's Degree program with third year Junior) status at BU on the conditions that the major is not at capacity and they meet the following criteria

Elizabethtown College

  • Transfer Information Transfer Credit and Prior Learning
  • Dual Admission Intent Form
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Etown:
    • While enrolled at HACC, dual admission students have access to:
      • Academic
      • Financial aid
      • Career advising at Elizabethtown College
      • The use of library resources and other on-campus facilities.
    • Dual Admission students can also enroll in courses at Elizabethtown College that are not offered at HACC but are required to complete the Elizabethtown College bachelor’s degree. Tuition for up to two of these courses will be waived.

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

  • Under the Dual Admissions Transfer Agreement, HACC students will be guaranteed admissions into HU, providing all conditions are met.
  • Students who follow the prescribed degree requirements at HACC and are scheduled to earn an Associate degree at HACC may be admitted to HU with junior-level standing. However, some majors will require more than four semesters for completion.
  • HU will notify the student at the time of dual admission of all entrance to major requirements. 
  • After each semester, HACC will send HU a copy of the student's transcript. These transcripts will be evaluated to advise the student on course selection for their next semester at HACC. This is in addition to the student working with his/her HACC advisor.
  • HACC students are eligible for the HACC Partner Scholarship for select HU programs. Up to twelve (12) scholarships awarded to recent graduates of HACC. 

Immaculata University

Transfer Information Transfer Admission 

Dual Admission Letter of Intent (pdf)

Advantages of Dual Admission with Immaculata:

  • Waive the admission application fee.
  • Provide the HACC students with the opportunity to meet with an Immaculata University representative(s) for assistance with transferring to Immaculata University prior to graduation from HACC.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania - IUP

  • Transfer Admissions
  • IUP Dual Admission Intent Form
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with IUP:
    • To utilize Pennsylvania’s Transfer and Articulation Oversight Committee (“TAOC”) approved Associates of Arts (“AA”) and Associates of Science (“AS”) Degrees.
    • To eliminate barriers for students in attaining their educational goals.
    • To improve student success and retention.
    • To provide a curriculum plan for students for seamless transition for earning an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree. The PARTIES agree that the Dual Admission Program provided under this AGREEMENT shall comply with all applicable TAOC requirements.
    • Enhanced counseling, advisement (during orientation at the UNIVERSITY) and transition support services by both INSTITUTIONS to the student.
    • HACC students can apply for on-campus student housing at the UNIVERSITY prior to completing their associate degree. The term of the housing agreement will be for one (1) semester and can be renewed for subsequent semesters. Housing seniority will be earned for each semester a student resides in the UNIVERSITY housing and housing seniority can be applied when the student enrolls at the UNIVERSITY.
    • HACC students are eligible for membership to the Student Cooperative, known as the Co-op at the half-time student rate of the current academic year in which the entering student is attending independent of the number of credits enrolled at HACC. This rate is subject to change on a yearly basis.

Kutztown University

  • Transfer Admissions
  • Dual Admission Intent Form (pdf)
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Kutztown
  • HACC students who submit a "Letter of Intent" to enter Kutztown University before the completion of 30 transferable credit hours will be guaranteed admission into a Bachelor's Degree program with third year (junior) status at Kutztown University on the condition that they:
    • Complete the application 
    • Review scholarship opportunities
    • Review transferability of "D" grades (unless prohibited by major).

Lebanon Valley College

  • Transfer information Transfer and Dual Admission
  • Dual Admission Interest Form
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Lebanon Valley:
    • Early transfer planning
    • Specific course requirements. Students know the exact credits their intended major requires at Lebanon Valley College. This ensures they will not take nontransferable courses.
    • An official transcript review every semester. They will make sure students are on track for successful transfer to maximize transfer credits.
    • Clear semester-by-semester academic, career services, and financial aid advisement.
    • HACC advisor and an advisor at Lebanon Valley College will provide academic advising.
    • As a part of this program, students are considered LVC students from the time they sign the dual admission agreement, with full access to LVC campus facilities such as
      • The Arnold Sports Center
      • Athletic competitions
      • Campus Library, etc.

Millersville University

  • Transfer Information Transfer Student Admission
  • Dual Admission Form
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Millersville:
    • The Dual Admission Programs is designed for students who plan to complete an Associate Degree prior to enrolling at Millersville.
    • They are primarily advisement programs that provide guidance, transcript exchange, and ongoing credit evaluation to show how community college credits fit towards a Millersville degree.
    • It is recommended that a Dual Admission Program Intent Form be submitted before completion of 30 community college credits to ensure appropriate alignment for the intended major/degree.

Penn State Harrisburg

  • Transfer Information Credit Transfer Student Info.
  • Dual Admission Intent Form
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Penn State Harrisburg:
    • Dual Admission students will be assured space in their PSH majors by the semester selected if they maintain continuous enrollment and meet all requirements, including grade point average, for entry into the major.
    • Each student will be assigned an advisor at both HACC and PSH in order to ensure that the student is provided with guidance toward meeting the associate and baccalaureate degree requirements of the two institutions.
    • At the conclusion of each semester, during the student's associate degree studies, HACC will automatically send to PSH a copy of the student's transcript, preferably through the electronic transfer of information.
    • Students will be provided with financial aid information for both institutions. They will receive full consideration for PSH financial aid, including veteran certification where applicable, upon matriculation. Students may also apply for University housing.

Shippensburg University

  • Transfer Information Dual Admission Transfer Info.
  • Dual Admission Intent Form
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Ship:
    • While enrolled at HACC, Dual Admission students have access to
      • Academic
      • Financial aid
      • Career advising
      • Use of library resources, some other on-campus facilities, and events at SU.
      • Book Stipend
    • Dual Admission student are guaranteed admission to SU, provided they meet GPA minimum requirements.
      • Some majors require special standards and GPA requirements for admission
    • Ability to take a course or two at Ship for free or at HACC tuition price prior to matriculation.

Susquehanna University

  • Transfer Information Transfer Student Information and Application  
  • Dual Admission Intent Form (pdf)
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Susquehanna:
    • HACC students who submit a Letter of Intent to enter SU will be assured admission into a Bachelor's Degree program with third year (junior) status at SU
    • SU application fee will be waived providing the students earns an associates degree etc.
    • Academic scholarships of up to $32,000 per year will be awarded to students based on their current HACC GPA
    • An additional $5,000 scholarship per year is available for any HACC student earning membership to Phi Theta Kappa.

Temple University

  • Transfer Students Dual Admission
  • Dual Admissions Form Intent Form (pdf)
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with Temple
    • Enrollment in Dual Admissions guarantees admission to most majors at Temple if you earn an approved associate degree with a GPA of 2.3 or higher.
    • Dual Admissions also guarantees additional merit scholarships to students who graduate from their community college with a GPA of 3.3 or higher.
    • Scholarships are awarded after Temple receives a final transcript indicating that you have graduated through Dual Admissions with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher.

York College of Pennsylvania

  • Transfer Information Transfer Resource Center
  • Dual Admission Intent Form
  • Advantages of Dual Admission with York:
    • Under the Dual Admissions Agreement, HACC students will be guaranteed admissions into a Bachelor's Degree program with third year junior status at YCP provided the following conditions are met:
      • Graduation from HACC with an Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree or Associate in Science (AS.) Degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of2.0;
      • Students submit a "Dual Admissions Intent" form by the 30-credit requirement with HACC and form is transmitted to YCP.
      • To accept all the general education credits embedded in the HACC Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees as general education, major or elective credit. Placement depends on credit and students major.
      • To award academic scholarships to all qualified HACC graduates admitted to YCP, including the YCP HACC scholarship and PTK scholarship as appropriate.
      • Satisfaction of all other YCP transfer admissions requirements by major prior to start of first semester at YCP.


Transfer Partners

The following institutions have established agreements or practical articulations with HACC. 

Central Penn College

Eastern Mennonite University Lancaster, Nursing

Eastern University (St. David's campus and Central PA campus)