HACC Students

Transfer Agreements

HACC works with many institutions to ensure successful student transfers. We have a variety of agreements with several colleges. Learn about these agreements.


What is dual-admission agreement?

A dual-admission agreement is a cooperative partnership between HACC and a four-year college or university. It is for students interested in pursuing a bachelor degree.

This agreement will:

  • Facilitate your admission process
  • Transfer your associate degree credits into a bachelor degree program
  • Help ensure you do not lose any time or money

There are ways to ensure you do not lose any money or time when you transfer. You must:

  • Maintain the required academic standard
  • Follow the requirements of your desired transfer program

There are 18 colleges and universities (pdf) you can choose from for a dual-admission agreement. Download Dual Admission Information (pdf) for more information on dual admissions.


What is an articulation agreement?

Articulation agreements determine how credit is transferred into HACC or another institution.


What is a transfer agreement?

A transfer agreement determines which HACC credits align with the credits of another institution and promotes efficient transfer.