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Graduate Ceremony Information

  • Order Cap and Gown
    • Student regalia sets are required for participants and are available to purchase at each campus bookstore or can be ordered online at the HACC Bookstore.
  • Invite Family and Friends
    • You may invite as many guests as you wish to the ceremony. No tickets are required.
    • The main entrance doors will be open at 4:30 p.m.
    • Guests will be seated in the general seating area to the left after you enter the main entrance.
  • Live Streaming of Commencement Ceremony
    • For guests who are unable to attend, the ceremony will be available through the link found on the HACC website .

If you or your guests need ADA accommodations, please submit form.


  • Parking
    • There is general free parking.
    • Family members attending with ADA accommodations may be dropped off at the main entrance of the Giant Center. For more information, please visit the Giant Center.
  • Student Check-In
    • Report to the main entrance at the Giant Center to the “Graduates Check-In” table by 4:30 p.m.
    • You will receive a name card that you will hold onto during the ceremony to have your name called. Once you are checked in, please report to the club entrance.
    • DO NOT BRING COATS, PURSES OR OTHER VALUABLES. There is not a place to store your items at the Giant Center.
    • Please do not wear shoes that may make walking stairs difficult.
  • Security
    • All attendees will pass through metal detection/wanding prior to entering the Giant Center. Before arrival, please review Giant Center’s bag policy.
  • Photographer
    • Professional photography services will be available before and during the ceremony. You may have your picture taken in the concourse area at the Giant Center and when you walk across the stage to receive your diploma cover.
    • Students are under no obligation to purchase the photo proof that will be sent to them.
    • The photographs will be available on GradImages. Allow 7-10 business days to view YOUR images.
    • Informal photos will be available on HACC's Flickr page.
  • Commencement Program and Other Mementos
    • Students will receive a Commencement program book on their seat.
    • Guests will receive a Commencement program upon entrance to the Giant Center.
    • Flowers and Commencement mementos will be for sale in the concourse area.
    • There will be food concession stands. Water will be available for sale.
    • The Giant Center is a cashless venue. All major credit cards are accepted.
  • During the Ceremony
    • No procession. Students will not process into the arena floor. Ceremony volunteers will seat you, as you arrive at the club entrance.
    • Students should pay close attention to Dr. Ski, HACC president, for instructions during the entire ceremony.
    • Students will be asked during the ceremony to walk on stage to receive their “Intent to graduate” letter with a diploma cover.
    • Students need to remain seated during the ceremony unless directed by a ceremony volunteer..
  • After the Ceremony
    • Students and guests will be directed from the arena floor by ceremony volunteers dressed in black robes.
    • Students should exit the Giant Center safely and leave immediately after the ceremony ends.