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1098T Forms

1098-T Forms

A 1098-T reports your tuition and fees. This may help you determine if you can get education deductions/credits for your taxes. HACC is not authorized to provide tax advice to students, parents or other interested parties. Please consult your tax advisor to determine eligibility.

Learn more about the 1098-T form.

What does a 1098-T form include?

A 1098-T reports qualified tuition and fees BILLED during the calendar year issued. It does not matter when the actual term begins/ends or when HACC receives payment.

Box 5 —"Administered and processed scholarships and grants" —includes tuition discounts. These discounts are related to a valid Certificate of Residency, scholarships, grants and tuition/fee exemptions.

What do I need to do to get my 1098-T?

HACC can only issue a 1098-T if your valid Social Security Number (SSN) is on file. The Internal Revenue Service requires this.

If you did not provide HACC your Social Security Number at time of admission, please complete IRS form W-9 (pdf). Submit it to your Campus Welcome Center.

When will I get my 1098-T?

HACC mails 1098-Ts by January 31st for previous calendar activity. We mail the report to your current/active address on file as of January 1st.

You can also access your 1098-T online. HACC will post the 1098-T to your HACC Web account or MyHACC page by January 15th.

Why did I not receive a 1098-T?

HACC will not issue a 1098-T if your scholarships and/or grants exceed your qualified tuition and related expenses for the calendar year. This only applies to grants that HACC administers or processes.