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Meet Kate: Dual Enrolled Homeschool Student

Meet Kate: Dual Enrolled Homeschool Student

“There are so many opportunities at HACC that you wouldn’t even know about until you attend.”

Taking college classes before you graduate from high school? That’s a smart move. And that’s what Kate Foley, a general studies student at HACC’s Lebanon Campus, decided to do.

Kate said, “As a homeschool student looking for challenges in my life, HACC was the perfect fit for me. I am dually enrolled, so I have nearly complete freedom to choose any and all classes that interest me. For me, it’s the perfect transition between high school and college life.”

“After HACC, I plan to take a gap year to focus on my passions for creative writing and theatre. Then I will go to a four-year-university to get my bachelor’s degree. With two years of college credit under my belt, it will be a huge savings for my tuition,” she said.

She added, “My life would be very different without HACC. I would not have met the inspiring instructors I continue to be in contact with today. I would not have had the opportunity to take classes for college credit as a high school student, and I would never have been involved with the honors society. All of these experiences have shaped me as both a high schooler and a college student.”

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