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Meet Stephanie: HACC Student Who Found Her Calling

Meet Stephanie: HACC Student Who Found Her Calling

One thing people should know about HACC is that it lets you find yourself.

Stephanie Enid Otero Negron, a HACC student who majored in Social Sciences, confessed, "I didn’t really plan to be a leader at HACC, but I don’t regret taking the step to do so."

Stephanie co-founded a student club called "Hispanos Unidos" at HACC’s Lebanon Campus. She considers it a great personal achievement that helped her become more confident in public speaking, learn more responsibility and be more reliable.

Stephanie was motivated to come to HACC by her desire to help others in her community. Her dream, she said, is to open a nonprofit organization that assists those who are homeless and lend a hand to local widows, orphans and others in need.  

For people who may be undecided about higher education and their future, Stephanie offered the following wisdom: “Are you not sure about what you want to do or where you want to go? When you start at HACC, your major might be ‘undecided’ or you might pick a major, unsure if that’s what you really want to do. However, I can guarantee that almost all the people who graduate from HACC are sure of what they want to do and are confident of who they have become and what they have to offer the world.”

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Negron, Stephanie Otero portrait