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Advisor Approval to Register

Advisor Approval to Register

You may need to have an advisor's approval (Advising Code) to register for courses.

Do I need to have an advisor's approval to register?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you must obtain an advisor's approval (Advising Code) prior to registering:

1. Are you a new student scheduling courses full-time for your 1st or 2nd term (2nd term effective spring 2012) at HACC?
(Excludes College In High School and Guest Major students.)
Yes No
2. Are you scheduling courses in the Fall and/or Spring term within one year following your high school graduation? Yes No
3. Are you a non-high school graduate scheduling courses for your 1st term at HACC? Yes No
4. Are you a foreign student (F-1 Status only) scheduling courses for your 1st term at HACC? Yes No
5. Are you an accelerated or provisional high school student at HACC?
(You are an accelerated or provisional student if you were granted permission to take HACC courses while still in high school.)
Yes No
6. Are you on academic probation or suspension reinstatement at HACC? Yes No
7. Are you currently enrolled in one of these majors at HACC? Yes No

Child Care (5180)
Culinary Arts (1261, 1581)
Early Childhood Education (5500)
Early Childhood - Elem Educ (5070)
Elementary Education K-6 (5100)
Environmental Associate (3060)
Environmental Associate (3060)
HRIM-Culinary Arts (1260, 1580)

Health Sciences (359P)
Visual Arts-Graphic Design (2200, 2840)
Nuclear Medicine Tech (3630, 363N)
Phlebotomy Technician (0390)
Radiologic Technology (374P, 3750,
     375N, 375P, 376P, 3760, 376N,
Legal Assistant & Paralegal Studies
     Certificates (5300, 5301)   

8. Are you a new student scheduling courses part-time for your 1st term at HACC in any of these majors? Yes No

(If you answer yes to this question, you are not required to have your advisor's approval/advising code to register, but are highly encouraged to consult with your advisor anyway.)

Administrative Office Specialist (1370, 1371, 1921)
Architectural Technology (4170, 4470)
Building Construction Technology (4250, 4510)
CVT (0130, 013P,3510, 351P, 3530,353P)
Dental Assistant (3200, 320P)
Dental Hygiene (3490, 349P)
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (354P)
Electronic Engineering Tech (4310, 4580)
Emergency Health Services Mgmt (3500)
Health Information Technology (3560, 356P)
Industrial Maintenance (4260, 4710)
Mechanical Technology (4350)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (4700)
Medical Assisting (3210, 321P, 3240,
     3520, 352P)
Medical Laboratory Tech (3580, 358P)
Nursing (3680, 368P)
Paramedic (3330, 333P, 3690, 369P)
Pharmacy (3280, 328P, 3850, 385P)
Practical Nursing (3270, 327P)
Radiologic Technology (3740)
Respiratory Care (3890, 3920, 392P)
Surgical Technology (3220, 322P, 3620,
Technology Studies (4400, 4680)
Ultrasound (3230, 323P)


How do I get an advisor's approval to register?

You must meet with your advisor to get approval to register. Generally, you will receive the Advising Code at the end of your advising meeting.

If you will be registering in person or by mail/fax, you must also obtain your advisor's signature on the Enrollment Form. Complete the Enrollment Form for initial registrations. Fill out the Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form to make changes to your existing schedule.

How do I register?

There are two ways to register for classes after you get approval:

  1. Register online using your Advising Code.

      2. Register in person or by mail/fax. Use your advisor's signature on your Enrollment or Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form.