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2022-25 Strategic Plan

Overall Objectives

Download the 2022-25 Strategic Plan (pdf) 

Commitment 1 
Reimagine Employee Success Together

Review and enhance systems and structures that engage and support employees and promote a culture of care and belonging.

Goal 1.1 Become an employer of choice by creating a culture of care and belonging, celebrating success and valuing work-life balance.
Goal 1.2 Create a rich, diverse learning environment by hiring employees who reflect the students and communities we serve.

Commitment 2 
Reimagine Student Success Together

Assess and enhance systems and structures that support existing programs, develop new in-demand programs and create greater opportunities for student success by promoting an environment of care and belonging.

Goal 2.1 Ensure every student has the chance to succeed at HACC.
Goal 2.2 Build an agile and responsive student experience by simplifying systems to meet student needs and create belonging.
Goal 2.3 Create pathways that promote lifelong learning by bridging workforce development and credit programming.
Goal 2.4 Ensure our programs and services meet the needs of our communities.
Goal 2.5 Leverage technology to make HACC more accessible to broader groups of learners.

Commitment 3
Amplify Our Impact through Strategic Partnerships

Expand and leverage strategic partnerships providing additional resources to support our objectives; promoting equity; and providing relevant and affordable opportunities for our students and the community.

Goal 3.1 Ensure HACC has the systems, processes and teams that will support its ambition for broader, strategic partnerships.
Goal 3.2 Align HACC student’s academic and nonacademic needs through collaborative partnerships.
Goal 3.3 Build strategic partnerships to support community engagement and workforce development in credit and non-credit education programs.
Goal 3.4 Increase support for HACC by engaging external stakeholders.
Goal 3.5 Implement a integrated marketing communication plan that communicates the relevance and importance of HACC to its communities and beyond.

Commitment 4
Embrace Next-Generation Teaching and Learning

Implement and support equitable, innovative teaching and learning experiences that respond to the ever-changing needs of students, employers and the community.

Goal 4.1 Scale and expand culturally relevant curricular and co-curricular initiatives that build confidence, motivation, and engagement for all HACC students.
Goal 4.2 Deliver accessible and affordable technologies that enhance student learning and success.


Commitment 5
Ensure HACC’s Long-Term Sustainability

Practice sustainability through responsible stewardship of economic and public resources to accomplish its educational mission.

Goal 5.1 Advance HACC’s long-term financial sustainability.
Goal 5.2 Strengthen HACC’s ability to support its purpose through data-informed decision-making.
Goal 5.3 Streamline HACC’s administrative business processes.
Goal 5.4 Develop and implement new revenue streams and expand current revenue streams.