Cost Saving/Revenue Generating Ideas


  • Contract nine-month faculty for 12 months: would decrease overload pay
  • Decrease overload pay
  • Establish consistency and efficiency from campus coordinators; was previous model
  • Decrease paper waste by posting more information online
  • Eliminate “traffic cops”; light is often red at division level
  • Replace campus library directors with librarians
  • Hire instructors for core requirements before start of semester to ensure class is not canceled
  • Offer core required classes for a program at one campus location
  • Offer accelerated associate degree program; appeal to traditional and nontraditional students; could use Fridays for this type of programs; partner with four-year accelerated programs

Business Operations

  • Increase threshold for the need for consultants; tap into internal resources before using consultants
  • Automate accounts payable
  • Change to per diem rate instead of meal receipts
  • Revise travel reimbursement form. Professional development is “low hanging fruit,” should be maintained
  • Institute mandatory furloughs; tiered system based on salary grade
  • Migrate paper forms into electronic forms
  • Send program audits sent
  • Look at Vocational Ed/Workforce stipends and Perkins funding

College Advancement/Marketing/Foundation

  • Do not move PR to Mumma; moves are expensive and we will have to move again
  • Move all departments closer together; will facilitate group working as a whole


  • Schedule a four-day work week
  • Control of interior and exterior lighting through timers
  • Adjust climate control in buildings
  • Block solar heat in summer by planting deciduous trees on east and west sides of buildings
  • Paint the roof of all buildings white
  • Use LED bulbs
  • Look at Midtown’s “green” features and evaluate if they are saving money

Human Resources

  • Offer reduction in pay to have flexibility to work from home; some positions could be reclassified as part-time
  • Eliminate the $750 medical flex spending award for full-time employees and employees who opt out of HACC benefit package 
  • Pay for actual work done during the four-day work week in the summer: 36 hours of pay instead of 37.5 hours/weekly
  • Offer early retirement incentives for high-paid administrators and faculty
  • Eliminate transitional retirement
  • Hire HACC graduates to fill staffing jobs

Information Technology

  • Install automatic shutoff for computers
  • Place green stickers as a reminder to turn computers off
  • Use power strips that power down with main PC
  • Install auto shut down on projectors

Student Success

  • Utilize Clearinghouse to process transcripts; no cost to College
  • Integrate Welcome Center and Financial Aid led by one campus leader 
  • Instruct a Division Counselor to contact students if a class is canceled to try and reschedule them in another class (this practice is no longer followed)
  • Offer mentors to assist with challenges faced by returning students
  • Institute mandatory Foundational Studies course to increase student success rates
  • Reduce levels of leadership in counseling and advising area
  • Maintain Student Affairs or Services title; Student Success implies support services
  • Use SGA members to form a “peer-to-peer buddy system” to mentor at-risk students
  • Reduce number of layers, especially at the Central Administration level

Workforce Development

  • Hold regular meetings with community stakeholders for all programs
  • Streamline how to acquire information regarding noncredit training

Other Miscellaneous

  • Re-evaluate delayed schedule; creates much confusion and difficulty for students
  • Look at abuse of comp time; are employees being honest?
  • Have car washes, bake sales and yard sale
  • Participate in the PHEAA State Work Study Program (SWSP); increase funds for student employment
  • Optimize use of student workers
  • Condense duties of Deans or have lower paid Deans (Directors)
  • Combine some departments (e.g. Welcome Center and advising staff)
  • Increase number of copies that students can make
  • Create one central depository for college databases (e.g. high schools), updated yearly and a HACC contact assigned
  • Institute mandatory unpaid furloughs
  • Eliminate $750 HACC Plan
  • Freeze current salaries
  • Refinance college debt service
  • Look at ways to decrease copying and printing costs
  • Look for ways to decrease surplus office supplies; common area to access supplies
  • Advertise HACC on staff and faculty cars
  • Increase student and staff parking fees
  • Reduce the number of personal printers
  • Add HACC store to the front page of the HACC website
  • Use HACC phone system to promote HACC programs; instead of listening to music have promotional messages
  • Increase engagement of personnel in activities related to generating revenue (e.g. teaching)
  • Limit travel and conference budgets