Web Style Guide

he purpose of this policy is to describe certain visual and information elements and their usage that are required for all official HACC World Wide Web pages.

Covers: ALL publicly accessible Web pages presenting official College information


  • Student, faculty and staff personal pages,
  • Course management, pages requiring a login, and student organizations.
  • Pages related to consortium or other multi-party organization of which HACC is a part, but which is not an official HACC organization.
  • Pages that are located outside the www.hacc.edu domain

All pages must be created using Commonspot (Content Management System).
Page layouts, use of HACC logo, navigation, font size, color, etc has been predetermined and these items will automatically be applied to all pages created within Commonspot.

  • From Home page: All links are pre-determined and are editable only by web administrator.
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 submenus: (i.e., links that are displayed under Student Services) are editable only by web administrator.

*Please review the Website Standards for detailed information!*

Any questions, please call or email:
Theresa Richwine , Website Administrator
(717) 780-2375 or x212375
December 18, 2006 REV 1-2-07 REV 5-16-07 REV6-17-09 REV12-19-11 REV 7-17-12 REV 6-18-13