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What is a CRN?

Each class offering of any course has its own unique identification number.

This is referred to as the CRN (or Course Reference Number). Typically, the CRN consists of 5 digits for Spring or Fall semesters and 4 digits for summer semesters.

For example, you might register for a fall section of an online Accounting 101 course which has a CRN of 20001.


Where to find help for online classes

What do I do if the MyHACC portal won't let me login?

Please call the HACC Support Center at (717) 780-2570. If the Support Center cannot resolve the issue or if the portal is down for any reason, please use the secondary method of accessing D2L:

My online course is not showing up. What do I do?

Contact your campus Welcome Center: or call the Virtual Learning main phone line: (717)-221-1310.  

I cannot access my Hawkmail account. What do I do?

Contact your campus Welcome Center:

I am having a technical issue within the online course. What do I do?

Check the Desire2Learn Help System and the Student Orientation before contacting the D2L HelpDesk for assistance. If those resources are unable to provide help, call or email the Desire2Learn HelpDesk at 1-877-325-7778 or

I can't remember the answer to my security question. How do I get my PIN re-set?

Go to the Registration Office/Welcome Center at the campus nearest you. You will need to supply a photo ID.

For issues that are not technical in nature, students should:

Contact the instructor, either inside of your course management system, or through the contact information provided in the syllabus or on the course details page in the schedule.

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