HACC Students

Study Guides and Resources

Study Guides and Resources

Below are study guides and resources that can help you reach your educational goals.

  • MLA Style Guide —From Purdue University's Online Writing Lab.
  • APA Style Guide —From Purdue University's Online Writing Lab.
  • Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation Online —Provides information on finding and documenting sources for papers. These include papers in the humanities, social sciences, history and sciences. It reviews both MLA and APA format. It also includes sample papers and tips for evaluating sources.
  • Math Study Skills Survey —Offers algebra tutorials.
  • Purple Math —Provides algebra help and identifies math study habits.
  • Basic Chemistry —Provides fundamental and practical information for basic college chemistry.
  • General Chemistry Online —Allows you to "Just Ask Antoine" general chemistry questions. Includes FAQs, a Common Compound Library and more.
  • Library of Congress —An online catalog of maps, manuscripts, photos, moving images, printed texts and sound recordings. These resources are for government and law, art, photography and American history.
  • Biology Online —Provides tutorials and definitions on a variety of biology topics. These topics include cells, genetics, regulation, developmental biology, neurology and ecology.
  • Purdue Online Writing (OWL) —A source for writing, research and grammar help. It features online handouts and resources.
  • About Plagiarism —Educates you on how to avoid plagiarism.
  • Education Resources —Provides grammar resources, especially for help with verbs, tenses, determiners and modifiers.
  • ESL Handouts and Links —From Purdue University's Online Writing Lab.