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Lancaster Campus Tutoring

HACC Tutoring and Testing:  Lancaster Campus Tutoring

Located in Main 232 (access through the library), the Brossman Learning Center provides free tutoring on a walk-in basis for numerous courses each week.

When are tutoring sessions offered?

For specific days, times, and course availability, please see the weekly tutoring schedules below.

Download Nov. 21 - Nov. 26 Weekly Tutoring Schedule (pdf.rev.11/21/16 **Schedule subject to change**).

Download  Nov. 28 - Dec. 3 Weekly Tutoring Schedule (pdf.rev.11/21/16 **Schedule subject to change**).


What subjects are tutored?

For course availability, please see the weekly tutoring schedule. If you have any questions about tutoring for a course not listed on the schedule, please ask Lori or Tim (contact info below).

Who are the tutors?

Faculty and peer tutors provide high-quality tutoring.


Are there additional resources?


Students can also take advantage of these free resources:

       Study Skills


       Online Tutoring


       Learning Center Resources

Communications Lab

Tutoring & Testing offers a COMM Lab for students in communications courses. Room 232A is reserved for students to practice and record speeches. To schedule a 45 minute appointment in the COMM Lab, call 358-2878 or stop in the testing center office. For more information, download the COMM Lab policies and procedures.


Who works at Tutoring and Testing?

  • Lori Corradino —Campus Director, Main 232C, lgcorrad@hacc.edu
  • Timothy Smith — Learning Specialist, Main 232B, tdsmith@hacc.edu
  • Amy Rivera —Testing Specialist, Main 232E, alrivera@hacc.edu
  • Ruth Lozano —Testing Technician (evenings), Main 232E, rlozano@hacc.edu