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Lancaster Campus Tutoring

Lancaster Campus Tutoring

The Brossman Learning Center provides free tutoring in a variety of subjects throughout the week. Check out the weekly tutoring schedule (see links below) or stop in to see when tutors are available. Tutoring is offered on a walk-in basis; you don't need an appointment to get the help you need.

When are tutoring sessions?

  • Spring and Fall semesters —Mondays through Fridays, including some evenings. Saturday hours may also be available.
  • Summer semester —Mondays through Thursdays. 

Download July 6-July 9 Weekly Tutoring Schedule (pdf. rev. 7/2/15 **Schedule subject to change**).

Download July 13-July 16 Weekly Tutoring Schedule (pdf. rev. 7/2/15 **Schedule subject to change**).

Where is the Brossman Learning Center?

The Brossman Learning Center is located at the back of the Library in Main 232.

Who are the tutors?

Professional and peer tutors provide tutoring services at the Learning Center.

What subjects does the Learning Center cover?

The Learning Center covers:

  • Math —including algebra, statistics, trigonometry and calculus
  • English, ESL and writing
  • Chemistry
  • Biology —including A&P and microbiology
  • Accounting, economics and finance
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Computer information systems 105
  • Communications 101
  • Nursing

Are there additional resources?

The Brossman Learning Center offers:

Who works at the Learning Center?

  • Lori Corradino —Campus Director, Academic Success, M232C, 717-358-2860
  • vacant —Learning Center Specialist, M232B, 717-358-2884
  • Amy Rivera —Test Center Specialist, M232E, 717-358-2878
  • Jerry Holt —Test Center Technician (evenings), M232E, 717-358-2878